Air Forces 1 Custom Nike – THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT

Air Forces 1 Custom Nike – THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT

Air Forces 1 Custom is one of the most well-known and fashionable sneakers ever. Initially, they gained acclaim due to their fashionable styles. They’re extremely durable due to their toughness, high-quality materials, and comfort. This is why we’re attracted to them, and often it feels like all our familiarity owns more than one pair. This is why we’ll talk about a few ways to personalize your Air Forces 1 Custom shoes (AF1s).

With everyone buying sneakers nowadays, it can be difficult to make your sneakers distinctive or stand out when you sell them, you think? No longer! There are many customization methods available, and you can pick one according to the style you’re after or what design style you prefer. In this article, we’ll introduce people to some of the most well-known, comfortable, and versatile ways to customize, and then you’ll be able to decide the one you prefer the most.

History of Air Forces 1 Custom

Air Forces 1 custom was introduced in 1984 and was designed by Bruce Kilgore. Alongside having a chic appearance, it was the first shoe to ever included Nike Air technology. It has myriad variations; the most well-known and sought-after were the solid white and black.

As AF-1 is popular and a few AF-1 enthusiasts choose the same colorway, Nike offers a customized Air Force 1 for both women and men. This includes all sizes: medium, low and high, at a retail price, and also premium merchandise. You can create your design by selecting the materials e.g. premium leather or suede, and the vamp color to match the Nike logo.

Air Forces 1 Custom allows you to create your mark by selecting premium suede or leather for any shoe component. Choose the traction type made of rubber and finish. Create each part of the shoe to create a unique appearance by joining them. Additionally, pick your preferred color to create a mix.

Alongside design, Nike allows you to alter the logo on the back. You can also choose other characters for the left and right.

Bottom You can choose between gum rubber or a solid sole. There is a possibility to choose Nike grind rubber made from scraps of footwear production. Other benefits are similar to Nike’s signature style.

  • Nike Air Technology was installed for additional cushioning.
  • Padded Cut-off collar with a low cut.
  • Foam midsole.
  • Perforation in the toe.

Top 2 Air Force 1s in the Collection

Scarr’s Pizza Nike Air Force 1 Low

The extremely rare custom AF1s are believed to be one of just 48 pairs of them and were given away in 2019 to only families and friends of the adored Lower East Side pizzeria. “DJ Clark Kent had a relationship with the owner of the pizzeria and Nike who worked his magic to connect the two, and it was done!” says Singh, “You don’t see strange collaborations like this often, which is what makes the scarr’s pizza Air Force 1s unique and unique.”

Puerto Rico Nike Air Force 1 Low

With the Puerto Rican flag on the tongue tag and the heel counter. These AF1s were released in 2000 and are Nike’s first official acknowledgment of the New York Puerto Rican community’s part in creating this Air Force 1 a global fascination. As per Singh, “those pairs are quite cool to see Nike join with other cultures and expand their reach all over the globe. The program used this motivation, and the people loved it. In the case of Puerto Rico AF1s, they introduced a new colorway each year for seven straight years but then stopped for three years. When they returned, the colorway sold out once more.”

Paint Techniques for Air Forces 1 Custom

They have a classic athletic style and numerous color options Nike Air Force1s have become a cult for a long time. They’re also a good option for those who are artistic and love sneakers and wish to design their own unique Air Force 1s to create a unique appearance. The process is fairly simple, even for people with basic painting skills. However, it will require patience, time, and planning to get great-looking lasting outcomes. Also, you must make use of the right materials, like the acrylic paint specifically designed to be used on leather.

1.  Make a plan for your design on paper.

For most effective results, you should start with the white version of the Nike Air Force 1. To design your design, you can look up inspiration on the web and look at Nike’s customization options on its Air Force 1 product page (you can use it even without having to purchase these shoes). Sketch a rough sketch on paper, then trace the outline of the distinct parts and the swoosh logo on paper. Color the sketch using colored pencils or markers to help you imagine the design, and then make any necessary design adjustments before proceeding to the shoes.

2.  Get the Shoes Ready for Painting

Air Force Ones from Nike sport an all-leather upper coated with a protective coating of wax as new. It is essential to remove the coating before painting your shoes, or else it can prevent paint from absorbing into the leather. Please use a leather preparation tool or deglazed to apply it according to the instructions of the manufacturer, which will usually instruct that you apply the product to the shoes using an abrasive cloth. If you’re painting older shoes but still want to paint them, it’s an excellent idea to use the product to wash and clean the footwear.

3.  Paint Your Shoes

Make sure to use only acrylic leather paint and not regular acrylic paint and sponge brushes or paintbrushes that are the appropriate size for the design you want to create. Most painted custom Air Force start with the color-block style to benefit from the distinct parts of the shoes that divide with stitching. It is preferential to apply several thinner paint layers rather than less thick ones. Therefore, make sure to take your time.

4.  Keep Your Painted Air Force 1s Safe.

To keep your freshly painted Air Force 1s in good condition and looking the best to last as long as possible, make sure you finish them with an acrylic-based sealant. They are available in brush-on and spray-on formulas. They are available in matte, regular, and gloss finishes. You should wait a minimum of 24 hours after you have painted your shoes to apply the sealant per the manufacturer’s directions. Then, you must wait 24 hours before wearing the shoes you’ve customized-painted.

Final Advice of Air Forces 1 Custom

The AF-1 is already a stylish but stylish and comfortable sneaker. It also looks good with nearly every attire. However, Nike allows you to personalize the Air Force 1 and select your favorite color combination. I think it’s the ideal choice for designer sneakers when choosing the color combination you like.


What is the cost of designing Air Forces 1 Custom?

The Air Forces 1 Custom design costs around $120 for low cost, $130 for Mid, and $135 for High. Some designs are unique and custom-made and cost $140.

How can I make an original AF1?

Check out the Nike website. You can choose to design your Air Forces 1 Custom. Then you can change what fabric and the color of each and each part of the sneakers.

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