Among Us Pictures characters Images, Stock Photos

Among Us Pictures characters Images, Stock Photos

If you like Among Us pictures and enjoy drawing, you should learn how to sketch the ship’s crew as soon as possible. In this article, you will learn how to create characters from Among Us in a simple manner and several drawing methods and ideas.

To draw various representations of the characters, we need to draw them both in their standard form and as shadow forms of the crew members after killing by the fake. Future drawings will become more complex as we have a better knowledge of what we are doing. For example, we can make images of Pikachu Among Us, Yoda Among Us, Halloween versions of Among Us pictures, and other characters.

Drawing of Among Us Pictures

To begin drawing the characters from Among Us, we must first gather the materials needed, which we will go over in more detail below. Later on, we’ll need to find a safe area where we can sit and draw silently. The learning process can be more enjoyable by listening to music in the background.

We will start with the most basic version of Among Us pictures and work our way up to more complex versions of the same character over time. When holding a pencil in our hand, we must grip it firmly but not overly tightly in order to hold it correctly. We begin to draw light lines on the blank paper to warm up our hands and relax the muscles in our wrists. We begin with a sketch of a crew member wearing a crown once we have relaxed and become motivated. 

Step by step guide:

  • Start by drawing a curving line at the top of the sheet, making sure not to make it too huge. Because it will serve as a guide for the size of our picture, and it is easier to start with a smaller version of the character than it is to start with a larger version.
  • Drawing the line in a gentle downward motion on both sides of where the curve we just produced comes to a close is the correct way to do it.
  • The line continued downward on both sides of where we just finished drawing the curve.
  • And then close the shape.
  • We finalize the base of our crew member’s torso by drawing two new lines to represent his legs, which will act as a finishing touch.
  • With the foundation of our character complete. The following step is to create an oval at the height of his eyes, which will work as the screen for his helmet.
  • Gum rubber was used for our Among Us pictures.
  • We use the eraser to make simple changes to the helmet so that the basis of our character is visible.
  • All that is left is to add the crown and the backpack, which are both optional. The crown is made by working from the top of the head down to the three peaks.
  • Finally, we draw a circular shape on the back of the head. And if necessary, color the helmet with grey tones to give it a more dynamic appearance.
  • We have completed our first set of photographs titled Among Us. All that remains is for us to paint it with the colors of our favorite crew members.

List of all Among Us pictures in 2022

The color of their flight suits can only distinguish characters in The Among Us. Because there are different space station colors to choose from, there are also different character colors to choose from as well.

Red Among Us character

The character is known as “the red one” is the most well-liked by the game’s audience. At the same time, the Among Us red figure is commonly referred to as ‘sus,’ which may have something to do with the that Innersloth frequently portrays red as the Impostor in much of its game-promoting content.

In addition, individuals see red as a symbol of danger, which causes them to be on high alert. When sabotage or a corpse report, Among Us, shows red notifications, reinforcing that red is always wrong.

Blue Among Us character

The blue character from “Among Us” appears to be the most basic and ordinary. Blue is a master at appearing perfectly ordinary. 

Green Among Us character

Green represents a fraud in a poster for Among Us. Despite this, Green lists as a crew member in the game’s How to Play section and White and Orange. After seeing Red, the typical culprit, rise from one of the spaceship’s vents, they hold an emergency meeting. Most gamers don’t play as Green very often.

Pink Among Us character

The pink Among Us character view as excellent by other players. As we connect pink with anything besides murder. This allows him to operate as a silent killer because no one suspects pink during the game.

Orange Among Us character

Orange appears to be just another crew member, but one who is close to Green and Blue. In the “Discuss!” symbol, he appears with Green after a crewmate summons an emergency meeting.

An impostor uses door sabotage to keep Orange from leaving the security room. The Impostor eventually ends up killing them.

Black Among Us character

The dark Among Us pictures connects with evil since black is an ominous color. Initially called “Gray,” black is used for fume and sabotage action symbols.

White Among Us character

The White Among Us picture holds a microphone in the in-game announcement symbol. White also connects with innocent, as shown in the How to play section when it is shown repairing a nuclear meltdown with Purple.

Final Thoughts

 Keep an eye out for new characters in the game, as “Among Us” popularity continues to rise among multiplayer games. The latest information on everyone’s favorite social reasoning game shares with you regularly.

Most Asked Questions

Are the characters in Among Us human or alien?

Their bodies look humanoid, but they lack arms in every appearance. Is this just a matter of aesthetics, and the game’s fans read too much into it, or does the designer have some backstory behind this design choice?

In light of their lack of arms, each character can perform various human-like jobs. Even when their hands are not in use, they appear and vanish from the scene. In various ways, like floating in mid-air and disappearing at will.

Can I modify Mine Among Us image?

There is a laptop available in the pre-game lobby of an Among Us game where you can alter the appearance of your in-game character. Choose any color, and then pick the cosmetics you’d like to use to make your character up. Only in this manner can you significantly alter the appearance of your character.

What do the rest of us crewmates refer to each other as?

In the game, the crewmates do not have individual names other than the ones the players have chosen before the game begins. They refer to as “the Crew” when they are all together.

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