Andreas 25 Italian foods

Andreas 25 Italian foods

Andreas 25 is a stunning fine-dining Italian restaurant located on Jericho Turnpike in Commack New York. The Sorrentino family started a restaurant business over 20 years ago and has continued to create a legacy. The father of Andrew Sorrentino died in October 2009. In his memory, his sons and nephews made the excellent Andrea’s 25 in Commack. Soon after, Andrea’s 25 opens in Woodbury. The most recent edition was manned by William Turcios, executive chef, and John Naccarelli as owner. Andrea’s New Orleans Italian Restaurant is strong. Chef Andrea is giving back a lot to the community through charitable events, cooking demonstrations, and personal service. Andrea awards the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence, the DiRona Excellence Award, and many other awards.

So, Andrea’s 25 is an Italian guesthouse and restaurant. They also offer breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Brazilian cuisine has something special to offer. But also this restaurant serves delicious pasteles to their customers. Your strudels should be cooked perfectly. Before you start your meal, enjoy a cup of great coffee.

Chefs at Andreas 25

Andrea is synonymous with high-quality fine dining, exceptional culinary quality, and outstanding service. The Commack flagship is a stunning venue dominated by a dark oak bar that runs the restaurant length when you enter. It is located on the opposite side of the beautiful dining room. They are true masters of their trade and stand behind the delicious food created by Peter Cambizi and Salvatore Sorrentino, who also serve as bartenders and waitstaff. Sal and Pete are true Italian restaurateurs, both chefs, and masters of exemplary dining service.

Food Quality of Andreas 25

The focus of Andrea’s 25 is the food. A delicious place to start is with some meat in white sauce, and my new favorite is veal valdostana (thanks gentlemen). This menu offers a wealth of options. Fresh ingredients with flavorful Italian flavors permeate everything. This restaurant is also a favorite of mine. I’ve been there many times, and I always order something different each time. I love the wide variety of deliciousness Andre’s 25 offers. “Where creativity meets tradition,” I can confidently state that Andre’s 25 Italian Restaurant is the best on Long Island.

Services offered by Andreas 25

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Restaurant seating arrangement

The restaurant seats 100 people and divides into three levels: a bar on the ground floor, a kitchen in the basement, and two dining rooms on each of the second and third floors. It is also renovated with soft beige and brown tones and exposed brick and beams. The most popular thus far is the uppermost level, which was previously office space. It has a 9-seat “dining room” and plenty of space for setting up place settings.

The menu at Andreas 25

You don’t see a lot of items on a menu that are called “burnt.” Andrea’s 25 North opened in Mamaroneck two months ago. It boasts its “Italian-with-a twist” offerings.

You won’t find the usual suspects, such as chicken parmigiana and spaghetti with meatballs. However, the kitchen can make these on request. Chef Salvatore Sorrentino focuses on mixing flavors and, yes, even burning side dishes like burnt broccoli, string beans, and asparagus.

Sal’s Mac & Cheese is a creamy riot made of pancetta and onions. It’s topped with crispy baked crumbs and Shrimp Luciano is white wine, lemon, butter, and a touch of marinara. The entrees serve over sauteed spinach. You can also order interesting combinations such as a sausage egg roll appetizer with broccoli rabe; a pork chop vanilla with pancetta, red onions, and asparagus; or a dessert of house-made Oreo Zeppoli. 

Andrea’s 25 of Commack offers 50 different dishes. An item will cost you on average 17 EUR. Based on an average rating of 4.7 To reserve a table, call the restaurant at (+1)486314867400. You can also bring your wine or regional beers to the restaurant.

Sorrentino also owns two Andrea’s 25 restaurants on Long Island, in Woodbury or Commack. His father is the name of the restaurant.

Rating of Andreas 25

Andrea’s Restaurant received five stars for its superb American and Northern Italian cuisines, accompanied by professional European service. Andrea’s Restaurant establishes in January 1985 and serves authentic Northern Italian cuisine and fresh seafood from all over the world. Andrea Apuzzo, the owner, is still in charge of the kitchen and oversees its cooking.

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Final Words

Andreas 25 is an American hotel and restaurant. Andrea’s 25 is also an excellent spot for entertainment. So, it has a 4.7 rating on Google. It also combines elements of a confectionery store and a fast food restaurant. Andreas 25 is ideally positioned and is reachable by bus or train. Getting there: Near a train station or bus stop, there is a cafe and candy shop called Andreas 25. So, users of Google gave Andrea’s 25 five stars. You can also use the app Moovit to determine the most practical bus and rail timetables.

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