Bill Burr Wife: Who Is Nia Renee Hill?

Bill Burr Wife: Who Is Nia Renee Hill?

Nia Renee Hill is an actress, producer, and performer. She is the wife of Bill Burr. Furthermore, she has been a part of many popular events and has participated in the fashion industry. The lovely African-American woman, also known as Bill Burr’s wife. She is well-known for more than only her work with her hands.

Nia Hill has a very happy marriage, although she has gained a great deal in her life. Her social media pages are frequently overflowing with beautiful photographs. Moreover, she does not share details about what is going on in her family. Nia also highly involves in the community. She aims to help individuals in need and tries to use her social standing to enhance the lives of others. Everything you need to know about her is right here.


Bill Burr Wife Nia Renee Hill was born June 2, 1969, in Los Angeles, California, has always been a beautiful lady with many talents. As a result, it should come as no surprise that she has achieved such great success. Furthermore, the fact that she is 51 years old may come as a surprise to some. She also had a difficult childhood because her parents divorced when she was very little. Nia’s father was, without a question, one of the most significant influences on her decision to pursue a career in the arts.

Early Education of Nia Renee Hill

Bill Burr Wife Nia Renee Hill got her primary education from Greenville County High School. In addition, she was a member of the drama club at her school. Following that, she went on to study at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. After that, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 2000, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts.

Her artistic vision and acting ability, without a doubt, contributed to the success of her performances. As a result, after earning her BA at Emerson College, she returned to Los Angeles to work. Following that, she enrolled in a variety of fashion, acting, and styling classes.

Nia Renee Hill Age, Height, Weight, and other measurements

Burr will be 54 years old starting in 2022. She was born on June 10, 1968, in Canton, Massachusetts, United States, and grew up in Canton, Massachusetts. Every year on June 10, she celebrates her birthday, which falls under the sign of Libra. Nia is 5 feet 8 inches tall. She has a height of 65 kg. She also has a black haircut and black eyes, which completes the look. Her physical measurements are 33-30-35 inches in circumference.

Career of Nia Renee Hill

Beginning in 2001, when she worked as a projecting right hand for the television show The Education of Max Bickford. Meritorious Hill began his journey to mainstream prominence in Hollywood. In 2003, she appeared on Besium Chappelle’s Show as a member of the T Crew of T television series in the function of a talent adviser. She worked on little projects till she made her acting debut in 2009. She has since gone on to play the character of Carpool in the short film Carpool.

Hill continued to make cameo appearances until a key role in the creation of the television series Lila, Long Distance came her way in 2011. Her amazing representation of the figure she reflected was widely appreciated. And it launched her to stardom in the entertainment industry.

After breaking into the mainstream, several great actors have taken a new direction in writing and have come up with some excellent offers, including Love and Beauty, among others. She contributes to the women’s lifestyle and local area website ‘Xo Jane.

Nia Burr did not leave her style skills in the shadows. She worked in the outfit and bedroom divisions of the successful film Pizzazz: Where’s My Movie?, where she gained valuable experience (2014).

Nia Burr’s Parents & Siblings

Nia Burr was reared by her parents in the Californian city of Los Angeles, in the country of the United States. Sadly, her father and mother separated when she was a small child. Her father was the director of parody acts.In addition, she has stepbrothers and stepsisters. But she has not revealed their identities or the identities of her parents to the media.

Nia is of mixed nationality and American nationality. She was born in the country of the United States. Our efforts to learn more about him were futile because there was no publicly available information about his family to help us in our search. So far, the nature of Nia’s family has been confused in this manner. When it is liberated, this section will be re-energized in the long run.

Wedding of Nia and Bill Burr

In contrast to the majority of modern celebrity couples, who faces someĀ  marital difficulties. Bill and Nia’s marriage is a model of unity. Despite appearances, the couple is head over heels in love with one other. Nia refers to her husband as her best friend regularly.

The power couple met for the first time at a comedy concert, and their relationship began with a friendly exchange. However, they were shortly engaged as a result of this in 2008. In 2013, the charming couple became husband and wife. In 2017, they became parents to a beautiful daughter. Nia said that her husband is hugely supportive and encourages her in all of her activities.

Children of Nia Renee Hill

On January 20, 2017, Burr and Hill bless with the birth of their first child, a daughter named Lola Burr. Lola made an appearance on stage when Zeppelin and Bonham faced a decision. It was in June 2020 that Nia and Burr received their first son, whose name has not yet been revealed to the wider public.

Net worth of Nia Renee Hill

Nia Burr expects to have a wealth of approximately $ 1.2 million at the end of 2019. 

Social media accounts 

Nia is also quite active on social media, as she enjoys keeping her fans up to date on her activities. She has over 30,000 followers on both Twitter and Instagram. According to her social media accounts, Nia is a down-to-earth woman who enjoys spending time with her family and appears to be quite happy when she is with her husband and kid.

Facts about Nia Renee Hill

  • A list of the 10 sexiest spouses and girlfriends of comedians was published by The Richest in 2014. Nia Renee Hill and Bill Burr were both included on the list.
  • She is a feminist who isn’t scared to stand up for what she believes in.
  • Nia Renee Hill and Bill Burr welcomed their first child on January 20, 2017, according to their social media accounts. 
  • She and her husband publicly debated socialism on one of their shows. They laughed and joked together, joking and arguing. Despite their differences, Bill’s remark that he didn’t make the argument seriously was enough to end it.


Finally, based on the evidence, we may conclude that she is a remarkable woman who possesses a wide range of abilities. Nia Hill, the wife of Bill Burr, is a multi-talented woman who is also a very humble and attractive person.

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