Bully Porter American style beer brewed by Gray Brewing

Bully Porter American style beer brewed by Gray Brewing

This classic British brown porter is a traditional British style. It has a rich ruby brown color with mild roastiness and a malty aroma. It has toffee-like, chocolatey, and nutty undertones. Bully Porter has a dark color and a small head. The aroma is strong and roasted with nice vanilla and chocolate hints. It has a mild taste with a malty backbone and gives a hint of chocolate in both the aroma and flavor, which makes it a good summer beer. The body is a little dry and watery. It’s a good porter overall.

It pours a rich black color, somewhat like Guinness but slightly darker than most porters. It already smells roasty. The head is extremely thick. It reminded me of a rice cake when I looked up at it. This head is not going anywhere. It is very similar in color to raw cookie dough. It reminds me of old-school “Labatt’s Blue” bottles.

What is Porter:

A porter is a dark, medium-bodied beer that was developed during the Industrial Revolution in the United Kingdom. The name refers to the porters who were transport workers at the time. Although the term “porter” is sometimes used interchangeably with the similar beer “stout”. The two styles are distinct and rely on different types of grain. Porters are a well-represented category in craft beer taps today, with many variations falling within this shared category: American Porter (American Imperial Porter), English Brown Porter (Robust Porter), Smoke Porter, Baltic Porter, and English Brown Porter.

Taste Of Bully Porter:

Porters are a heavier beer style that can handle sweeter, complex ingredients. Brewers rely on their flavor imagination. Reading the label is like reading an ice cream shop menu. You’ll find many other flavors in porters, including chocolate, vanilla, and coffee, but you will also find honey, coconut, maple, and other fruits. Keep your porter at “basement temperature”, which is somewhere cool, but not in the fridge. The flavors and aromas of porters will shine brighter if they are served at 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Alcohol In Porter:

A porter’s rich color could suggest that it has a high alcohol content. However, porters with darker ales have higher ABVs. The classic English porter’s alcohol level is 5%. This is similar to craft pale ales. The darker-style malts used during the brewing process give the porter its chocolatey color. It is also lighter than stouts, Belgian ales, and other malt-forward styles. English brown porters tend not to be as light as American craft porters (6.5%), while the Baltic Porter, which is over 8% ABV, has a higher alcohol content.

How much Gluten Use In Bully Porter:

Porters use dark, malted barley grain for its coffee-like color, and rich taste. However, interestingly, they do not always include wheat in their grain mashing. Porters can still contain gluten ingredients, such as oats, but the average porter has fewer gluten molecules than other darker, European-style beers. There are gluten-free brewers that create porters that are gluten-free or decreased in gluten content. These small but powerful offshoots of craft brewing are known for their use of dark rice malt and other natural ingredients. They mimic the traditional porter’s dark hues and sweet, malty flavors.

Is Bully Porter an ale or lager:

The original London-style porter, and all other beers falling within this category, are generally classified as ales. This distinction is based on the ale-specific yeast strains which ferment at the top, significantly different behavior from their larger brethren. The majority of porters use top-fermenting yeasts. However, the Baltic Porter is a Russian-inspired porter that is super-rich and creamy. It is made with lager yeasts that ferment at the bottom of the brew in cooler temperatures. The finished product is aged, also known as lagered.  If you are wondering if a porter is an ale or a Lager, then the answer may be both.

Calories Used In Bully Porter:

Many people believe that porters and dark beers have higher calories than lighter beers. However, this is not true. Porters can deliver an abundance of rich flavor without adding to your daily caloric intake. The truth is that porters have a higher alcohol content, which means they are more calorie-dense. Depending on your personal preference, this may or may not be true. An English Brown Porter 12-ounce serving will have approximately 170-200 calories and 18g of carbohydrates. This is surprising considering the dessert-like flavors most brewers use when making their porter recipes.

Fact Of Bully Porter:

  • Very dark brown. It is not persistent with a thin, tannish-looking head.
  • Dark malts. Dark chocolate and coffee.
  • Mildly sweet dark malts. The aroma is similar to the taste, combining coffee and dark chocolate. The flavor is mild, however.
  • Size is Medium
  • A dark beer with intense flavors.

Aroma and Taste of Porter:

It has a strong roasted malt flavor. A combination of chocolate and coffee flavors.

It is very roasty. This is what you’d expect from a Porter. The roasted maltiness is complemented by a good amount of coffee.

Full Overview:

It was well-priced for the amount that it cost. A 6 pack costs $7.99 US. This beer is very roasty. It is not as strong as St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout in flavor, but it can compare to Sleeman’s Fine Porter (but it’s a lot better). Boulevard is a great brewery and I cannot wait to try their other beer. Although the brewery does not state the ABV on the bottles, it states that the beer contains 5.2% ABV.

Boulevard’s beer boxes are great because they allow you to keep or recycle them. It’s also a good place to store CDs and old love letters. It is thicker than a standard 6-pack of cardboard. It is thicker than you would find in a 24-pack, so it won’t break on you.

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