Change your relationship with time from today! What suggests

Change your relationship with time from today! What suggests

The concept of time is deeply philosophical and has occupied even the Greek mythology where Time (or Saturn), the God of time is considered destructive since he “eats his children“. This personification of the god Saturn is certainly scary but it represents a reality that concerns most people.

But beyond these deepest worries, the point here is that you have -like everyone- 24 hours a day and the crucial question is how to use these hours without harming your health? What is your real relationship with time? Do you feel like you are on a continuous run? Catch them all? Do you feel that you never have enough time? Do you feel guilty at night when you lie down that you still did not have time to complete what you had planned?

The choice is yours. Change your relationship with time from today! Create time and stop looking for it. Take control of your life and plan your time.

I suggest you today the following simple tips for a relationship:

Use breathing technique

If the thought of Time alone makes you anxious, start by concentrating on your breathing. Do not change anything else initially. Regular abdominal breathing exercises will change not only the way you breathe but also the way you think, your self-esteem, your relationship with yourself and others, and most importantly, my relationship with Time. Introducing some simple breathing techniques three times a day, such as diaphragmatic and abdominal breathing, will help you relax in difficult times and will be beneficial for both your mind and your body. When you learn to control and define your breathing, your self-concentration improves and you learn to be in control of your life. Your body is liberated,

Change the way you express yourself about the time

Instead of constantly saying that you do not have enough time, that the weekend passed very quickly, and that you would like to have more time during the day, rely on your energy and recognize that Time is exactly what you decide what to do with it. He shouted “I Create Time” and “I have as much time as I need”. Even if you feel that these statements do not exactly represent your reality, start programming yourself in this direction to function in this way.

Write down the 5 big issues that concern you the most – the big picture.

It could e.g. be:

– Conscious and inspired work
– Optimal physical, mental and mental health
– Authentic and supportive relationships
– Charity and generosity
– Education

Focusing on your list with authenticity and honesty, compare these five core values/ideals of yours and the list of activities that usually occupy you during your day. Do they keep up? If not, then remove the activity (s) that do not stick to your values. Continue to gradually remove the activities and obligations that you have created in yourself that do not agree with your top five principles/ideals.

Concentrate daily on three primary “projects” – start with what is most difficult for you

At this point you are called to invent your ideal day, focusing on your primary projects and not only on your obligations that may have to do with your work. Your ideal day could be to write an article, meet a client or partner, do an hour of yoga and have a family dinner. Anything that goes beyond that is a bonus! You may feel overwhelmed because you have more than three things to do every day. In this case, try to complete at least three projects and catch up with the rest only if there is still enough time. It helps to start in the morning, or until noon, with whatever seems more difficult to you. Thus, you will have a sense of satisfaction that will give you energy and mood for the rest of your day.

Use a calendar, not ato-do” list

Whatever you write in your diary you have a much better chance of finally completing it! Calculate the time needed for everything and note the beginning and the end. This way you will avoid the many breaks and focus on what you are doing while you are doing it.

Set limits on everything you plan. E.g. read & reply to e-mail for an hour or two, otherwise, you risk spending your whole day replying to e-mail!

Also to break your obligations and your work. E.g. To make a website. If you write it like this in your diary it is very stressful. Better write “to take the photos for my website” or “write the introduction” etc.

Every Sunday night dedicate 20 ‘to plan in detail your ideal week and write all your projects in your diary.

Assignment and automation

You can not do everything! It is a fact. Every super-man also has his support team. When you assign and standardize the processes or tasks that give you less pleasure then you automatically free up valuable time for the areas that you are good at and where you can grow and ultimately, be happy.

Some ideas for relationship:

– Hire a student to help you with simple tasks for a small fee.
– Assign tasks to colleagues or share tasks with colleagues.
– Make sure you have the proper organizational systems. E.g. A proper file organization system helps you to quickly find what you are looking for and loosens your hands.
– Ask for help from your husband or your children. One, two, three, in the end, will participate when they see that you are not running to cover what they did not do.
– Dedicate ½ time a month to book all your appointments that have to do with your treatment (hairdresser, manicure, massage, etc.).
– Use easy and automatic ways of paying your obligations.

Free yourself from perfectionism

The enemy of good is the best. Time is a relative and dishonorable concept sometimes. Free yourself from the need to have everything planned to perfection and your every day to be super productive. You are a human and not a robot. Treat yourself with kindness and bring him back to this path when you go to do strict self-criticism. Do not constantly judge yourself and get a realistic approach to time. Be positive and do not forget to support your physical, mental, and emotional health

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