Content Marketing and SEO: How they can be combined

Content Marketing and SEO: How they can be combined

There seems to be a lot of confusion in the marketing world about two vital but quite different application techniques, Content Marketing and SEO. It is easy to see why this is so if one follows the various references to these two techniques in various articles on the internet, in which various marketers draw a blurred line between these two dissimilar strategies.

But the truth is much more complicated. Content Marketing and SEO are two natural complements to a general business promotion strategy. Both techniques feed into each other and act as essential tools of any successful Digital Marketing campaign.

But to better understand how these two techniques complement each other, it would be better to analyze them individually.

What is Content Marketing?

Translating the phrase Content Marketing reveals to us its true nature: it is the application of content marketing techniques. It is the basis of all digital marketing campaigns that take place online. For example, you may have posted a blog post on your business website last week, which will be promoted on all your social media channels to attract more readers, but what is the real “fuel” of your content is the right one. application of SEO techniques that have been done in the background.

Of course, having an SEO strategy effectively does not mean that your content should be trivial and indifferent. Remember that SEO is not the “magic filter” that has the ability to correct the overall image of a website or a blog, moving it to the top of the search engine rankings.

One of the many factors that search engines consider when processing your content is, of course, its overall quality. If your content contains spelling mistakes, contradictions, and atopy, then the effective application of SEO techniques will have absolutely no repercussions.

So you have to create that remarkable content, that your specific target audience will enjoy, offering real solutions to the possible problems of their daily life.

What is SEO?

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of techniques that ensures that the content and pages that promote it are made visible by a specific target audience created by a marketer. Simply put, this technique helps to match your website with a search query of your business’s demographic target.

The goal of SEO is to attract the right people for the content you create. Through targeted optimization, various technical improvements, and regular adjustments, an expert and professional in the field of SEO promotion, manages to increase the organic traffic of your website.

But without real content, be it websites, blogs, product descriptions, or even images and videos, SEO would have no tangible effect. SEO can not work on its own – it is necessary to have quality content that corresponds to the specific questions asked by users, using the appropriate keywords.

What is easy to understand is that SEO results do not happen “by magic”. They owe it to real people to be in the background, supporting search engines to better categorize published content and, consequently, the user.

Effectively combining Content Marketing and SEO

There is no real question between Content Marketing and SEO. The only question that should concern you is how to improve the overall visibility of your generated content with a powerful application of SEO techniques. So how do you combine these two effective promotion techniques to grow your own business?

Create content based on search engines

This certainly does not mean that you should overload your content with keywords. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis. A search engine tries to categorize a page or a blog by analyzing and editing its published content. In terms of creating the content itself, this can mean splitting it into individual topic areas, which will greatly facilitate the process of categorizing your website.

Be consistent in publishing your content

Although this is for the most part of the Content Marketing strategy, there are some opportunities to apply SEO techniques to it. One of the factors that search engines consider is the frequency with which your content is published. This is great news for a website or blog that does regular updates, but also for those who may have neglected or are just starting to produce content. of promoting their business.

Each new piece of content not only signals that you are still posting relevant and useful content but also increases your chances of increasing your website traffic by generating potential new keywords in your search listings. Of course, this also helps to increase your authority, covering and analyzing issues related to the industry in which your business operates.

And somewhere here appears SEO, which balances the content of your website, preventing you from focusing on a specific element of your business, and ignoring other potentially equally important elements of it. SEO experts use technical analysis and processing tools to ensure that your business covers all those thematic areas so that your website remains at the top of user searches.

Evaluate the quality of the links you use

You have probably been informed about the quality of backlinks and how they can greatly affect the credibility of your website. SEO techniques can help you identify unreliable websites that you should avoid. However, this process is not only about the so-called link monitoring but is an integral part of the overall evaluation process. Ultimately, you can judge for yourself which content from third-party sites can be considered relevant to the content you publish yourself.

When the quality content of your blog or website starts to appear higher in the search engine results, which many people use to find high-quality information sources, you will see that your backlink numbers will start to increase significantly. As the most important and trusted sites begin to link to your page, search engine algorithms will recognize it and reward your pages accordingly.

Content Marketing and SEO: Can you choose one over the other?

Content Marketing and SEO must work together effectively to provide users with relevant content that attracts them with genuine interest. If you are producing a great product or offering a quality service, then you need to create relevant content that will attract new users. This of course requires a consistent and targeted SEO strategy. So SEO should be an important part of your overall marketing planning. Simply put, it is not an additional choice you can make, but necessary action. If no user can see your content, then how can you name your strategy as Content Marketing?

There is a very specific synergy between Content Marketing and SEO, especially when these two techniques deliver the best results. That’s why the leading Digital Marketing companies combine SEO services with those of Content Marketing because they know that it is the only effective way to promote the image of your business. This means that you have a complete picture of your audience, your direction, and your strategy, optimizing the quality of your content. Sounds like a pretty demanding process (and it is) but it will definitely reward you in the long run. Because the growth of your business is a long-term struggle, you must be willing to give. 

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