Dolores Madrigal | Disney cartoons

Dolores Madrigal | Disney cartoons

Dolores Madrigal is a supporting character in the Disney animated film Encanto. She is the oldest and the sole daughter of Pepa and Felix Madrigal. She is a quiet young person. However, she has a fantastic ability, specifically hearing clear enough that he can listen to an earphone crashing above the background noise in everyday surroundings.

In addition to being described as being a calm person, she also has a knack for keeping her family members in the dark. In terms of her physical appearance, Dolores has blonde skin with light brown eyes. Dolores also has curly dark brown hair tied in a bun connected with a red ribbon. To dress, she chose an outfit that featured an extensive red skirt paired with a white blouse adorned with yellow lacing.

Plot Of “Encanto”

Dolores Madrigal is an adorable Colombian girl, who lives in a house filled with magic and fueled by a fire that never ceases to burn. The village respects Mirabel’s family because they use their power to benefit everyone. Mirabel is the one child not to gain control until they turn a certain age.

Abuela Alma is the head of the family. Mirabel was born into an unpopular family. Her home was destroyed in the past, and she has no idea why Mirabel was not given the gift of magic. Mirabel must protect her family from losing the power they count on.


Dolores Encanto, Mirabel’s cousin and the oldest of her children, is the oldest from Felix, Pepa, and the oldest of the sisters to Antonio and Camilo. While she can hear better and “knows all the dirt around her,” she is quiet and doesn’t seem to enjoy talking about gossip.

Dolores Madrigal

Dolores was a fan of Mariano Isabela’s cousin: however, Isa did not want to marry Mariano. With the help of Mirabel, Dolores finally confesses her feelings for him in “All Of You.” This came to the delight of Isabela and Mirabel. Dolores Encanto admits she knew Bruno had been in Casita because she heard Bruno’s voice every day.

Early Life

Dolores was just 21 years old when the film’s happenings took place. Who is Dolores’s parent in Encanto? Dolores is the eldest daughter of Felix Madrigal and Pepa Madrigal. She was raised in the nursery of Casita with Isabela, her cousin, who is only a few weeks younger than her, and Luisa, who was two years older.

Isabela was five when she was presented with her magical present. Dolores Encanto stayed in the nursery with Luisa until she reached her fifth birthday. She received an enhanced hearing aid in the evening that she turned five. It was a huge celebration followed by Dolores Encanto moving into her new, magical home.

Physical Appearance

Dolores has curly dark brown hair, which she tied into braids with a red ribbon. Her light-colored hair is paired with hazel eyes and brown skin. A frilly white and yellow top matches that long, red skirt gown. Both have the sound wave design in gold to symbolize her improved hearing. Red lipstick is her go-to, as are earrings resembling hearts and a gold-colored gemstone choker necklace.


Dolores, Felix and Pepa’s daughter, is highly competent and mature. Her unique super-hearing ability makes her the best informed about all things. Also, she is quieter and less raucous than usual since she doesn’t want to create any noise.

She squeaks and is visibly worried when she hears about an embarrassing incident. Bruno predicted that Dolores Encanto would have a love affair with Mariano, who was set to be married to Isabela. Dolores began to feel more depressed following her meeting with Mariano. She even allowed herself to become louder afterward.

Dolores Madrigal

She is close to her family and can be secure. Dolores is a wonderful grandmother to her grandchildren, showing them affection even though her house constantly breaks down. Most of the time, Dolores Encanto appears with her more youthful siblings. As the gift-giving ceremony started, Dolores Encanto smiled proudly at Anton.

Even though Camilo is in a typical sibling relationship, she’s not worried about Bruno’s antics as Isabela. Camilo is the sole one she can trust to share the truth about Bruno’s dream. If the house begins to collapse, Dolores Encanto wraps her arms around Camilo to shield him. However, she isn’t able to prevent him from trying to help save his beloved Miracle Candle.

Power And Ability

Dolores’s hearing has enhanced. The ears of Dolores can detect the sound of the most insignificant sounds, like the sound of a pin dropping or the eye moving. She also can hear voices distant from afar, and she received emails via Casa Madrigal when Mariano’s family visited for dinner. One of her issues is that she’s unable to hear clearly in noisy surroundings.

The Problem With The Magic

Mirabel will try to inquire Encanto Dolores whether she knows anything about the magic the next day in the morning. But, “Dolores,” to her dismay, changes into Camilo, which causes anger toward the father Felix, and honest Dolores. Dolores could hear Mirabel’s concerns and assured her that the rats inside the wall, Luisa weren’t the only people concerned about the magic.

Alma informs the family that she has spoken to the Guzmans about Isabela’s engagement as they eat breakfast. Dolores informs the family members that Mariano plans to propose to Isabela on the same evening. He also has five children. Encanto invites Dolores to join the family to watch “The Family Madrigal” at breakfast.

Reconstruction Of The Casita

Mirabel, Alma, and Bruno return to the home of Mirabel. Mirabel is the one to lead the family in “All of You” while they are all together. Dolores pushes Camilo’s arms telling him that Bruno wasn’t gone and that she’d heard about Bruno ever since. At the same time, they rebuild the Casita the rest of the Encanto aid the Madrigals.

Mirabel is comforting Mariano and is visibly upset while she repairs the Casita. Mirabel presents Mariano with Dolores. Dolores can lead the conversation, and Mirabel declares her love for Mariano.

Restored Magic

Dolores and her family, as well as their brother Camilo, accept the “bright Mirabel’s fire” in the final verse of the song “All of You.” When Mirabel places her doorknob at the entrance of her home, she sits with her family and friends and revives her magic. After the celebration, Dolores joins the family to sing “The family madrigal.”

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