Elijah Judd: Bio, Age, Family, Love Life, Net Worth

Elijah Judd: Bio, Age, Family, Love Life, Net Worth

Elijah Judd, born on 23rd December 1994 is a well-known star journalist, media personality, musician, and music producer from Nashville, in the United States. Most people know him as the daughter of Wynonna Judd who is an internationally renowned American singer. In reality, Judd came into the spotlight in 2022 after the death of his mother, Naomi Judd, who was also a well-known performer.

According to reports, she died on 30th April 2022 due to mental illness. She was 76 on the date of her passing. After her death, many people started looking for her relatives. The grandchildren were the ones who became the focus of attention following Naomi Judd’s passing. If you interested to learn more about the life of Elijah Judd? Follow us to the end of the story, when we’ll discuss some of the crucial details of his existence.

Who was Elijah Judd?

As we mentioned previously, Elijah has his birthday celebration on the 23rd day of December each year. The famous kid was celebrating his birthday together with family members and his friends this year. In reality, he’s quite close to his parents and his siblings.

Early Education 

He attended an elementary school in his hometown along with his siblings to receive his primary education. Elijah Judd completed his graduation from a well-known college. However, he didn’t divulge any information regarding the institution’s name. We are therefore not able to divulge all of that information to you. However, we will provide all the updated information when we have access to the information.

Physical Appearance of Elijah Judd

If you’re a huge lover of Elijah Judd, you are interested in learning more about his appearance, don’t you? Then you’re in the right spot since we’ll share certain details below. His height is about 5ft 9in or 1.75m.

The famous actor has a beautiful body and routinely works out to stay fit. He weighs in at 64 kilograms or 141 pounds. Judd has brown hair that is short and his eye color is blue. Judd has a piercing on his ears but does not have tattoos.

Professional Career

Judd is looking to establish a minimal social presence. Judd has not posted anything regarding his professional or personal activities on any site. Additionally, no information specific regarding his professional life is available. According to some media reports that his family involves in the business of music and he attracts to joining the group. The year 2006 was the time he assisted his mom with her album titled “A Classic Christmas.’ He also assists friends in their professional pursuits. It’s also possible that he’d like to keep his appearance low-key due to his possessive nature.

When did Elijah Judd get married?

Elijah Judd is married to his long-time partner, Hailey Williams. They began their relationship over a decade back, and then a couple of years later, they declared their engagement in 2017.

Following Elijah’s announcement, his mother who brimming with joy shared the couple’s photo on Instagram with the caption. I am a proud mama! Merry Christmas indeed!

Three years later, the couple got married down the aisle the wedding was held on September 19, 2020, and attended by family and close friends. The specifics of the wedding ceremony publishes in the media.

Elijah’s spouse, Hailey, is also an American. But, as we’ve seen after their wedding that the couple is in good health.

Things about his family you didn’t know

Elijah Judd is the son of comedian and actor Michael J. Fox as well as his spouse Tracy Pollan. Fox was born on 22 February 1989 in New York City. Their three siblings are his twin’s sister Aquinnah and Schuyler and his brother Esme Annabelle.

Elijah’s grandfather’s name is William Fox, a Canadian-born actor, and producer working in Hollywood from the 1920s until the 1960s. His maternal grandmother was an actress Virginia Fox, who appeared in films like “My Little Chickadee” (1940) alongside W.C. Fields.

Elijah’s grandfather’s name was Mark Pollan, an actor who appeared in soaps like “As the World Changes” along with “Guiding light”. So, his maternal grandparents were Harriet Cohen, a writer, and journalist.

Elijah was a student at the Bard College Collegiate School in New York City where he played in the varsity soccer league. The school he graduated from was Bard College in 2011 with an undergraduate degree with a major in Environmental Studies. Elijah was an assistant to the production team on films like “Law and Order: SVU” (1999) and “The Good Wife” (2009).

Elijah Judd’s Net Worth

What is Elijah Judd’s net worth? The grandson of Naomi Judd lives in a tiny, but gorgeous home with his mother and son. He’s always ready to help his wife with cooking and cleaning. Additionally, he owns an automobile that is brand new and also other tools. The estimated value of his assets estimates net worth of $1 million (approx. ).

Some Interesting Facts About Elijah Judd

You are probably interested in knowing more about Elijah’s personal life. But the a-lister doesn’t share a lot of details about his personal life on the public platform. Thus, after a bit of searching, we are able to discover the following facts about the celebrity:

  • Elijah doesn’t use social media very much.
  • Ashley Judd, his aunt is a famous singer and performer.
  • Naomi’s death confirms in addition, Ashley Judd said that mental illness was the main cause of death.
  • Judd has appeared in a variety of shows in his home with family members.
  • Elijah Judd yearned for two huge ink splotches across his arms.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it is clear the following: Elijah Judd is presently one of the most well-known children in the celebrity world. The world’s population recognizes him as the oldest son of famous singer and musician Wynnona Judd. He also involves in the music industry as is his mother.


Is Elijah Judd a member of the military?

It is not known if Elijah Judd serves in the military or not. Numerous details about Wynonna Judd’s son have been kept from the press.

Who is Elijah’s wife?

Elijah got married to Hailey Williams in 2020.

How many children does Wynnona Judd have?

Wynnona Judd is the mother of one son and one daughter.

How much money does Elijah Judd have?

His estate has a net worth of $1 million.

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