Evil Eye Bracelet: The History of the Evil Eye

Evil Eye Bracelet: The History of the Evil Eye

The term “evil eye Bracelet” is a bit misleading, as the evil eye is actually worn as a form of protection against evil. Eye of Medusa, Turkish Eye, Blue Eye, and Evil Eye are some other names for the evil eye.

There are two main types of evil eye charms. One has a circular shape with a central design that reminds of an iris. On the other, the shape is more oblong and resembles that of an actual eye. Both, however, serve the same function.

There is a long history of the evil eye, which serves as an important source of inspiration for many different cultures. ” Quinn Hargitai argues that “the sight has held on to the human imagination for thousands of years.”

Origin Of Evil Eye:

When it comes to jewellery symbolism, the evil eye may be among the oldest. Since 3000 B.C., people have believed in an “evil eye” curse.

A jealous person’s look was once thought to be enough to bring about bad luck or even ruin in ancient times. It’s time to use the evil eye charm in this situation. Necklaces adorned with “evil eyes” are worn as a kind of protection against other people’s “evil eyes.”

The Greek tale of the evil eye is probably the most well-known. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was believed that the evil eye could accidentally pass from one person to another. Because of this, if you were envious of someone, you could unknowingly curse them. Evil eye charms in Greek were termed “mati,” and many people wore them to protect themselves from curses, whether they were malicious or not.

It’s not uncommon in Turkish culture to see someone given the “evil eye”. In Turkish, the evil eye charm is known as “Nazar Boncuk.” For good luck, the evil eye is traditionally blue in Turkish mythology, though it can be any colour.

There are two main types of evil eye charms. One has a circular shape with a central design reminiscent of an iris. On the other, the shape is more oblong and resembles that of an actual eye. Both, however, serve the same function.

Is it Good to wear Evil Eye?

In terms of the metaphysical significance of colour, dark blue represents protection. Bad luck, vengeance, bad fortune, and hostility are all held at bay by wearing an evil eye bracelet. As a result, the folklore holds that wearing an evil eye bracelet can shield you from harm.

Wearing an evil eye bracelet brings with it a number of benefits.

Summons good fortune to you:

The evil eye has long been associated with good fortune in many different cultures around the world. The eye said that to bring prosperity, peace, and health to those who wear it, as well as drive away any negative energy that may be present.


For both visible and invisible threats, the evil eye protection defends you from all of them. The bracelet protects you from anything that could go wrong.

Maintaining a positive mindset:

When evil is a long way away, you have no choice but to be joyful. Your happiness is enhanced by wearing an evil eye bracelet. The eye’s involvement in accelerating your recovery from disease does not go undetected while you’re in excellent health.


The bracelet gives off a pleasant vibe to the person wearing it. It’s easier to make new friends because of the positive vibes.

Working Of Evil Eye Bracelet:

The evil eye is an amulet, charm, or talisman that purifies the world of evil. It’s like karma in that it makes a return to the person who intended the harm. For thousands of years, it has passed the talisman down from one generation to the next. The eye of Horus was a name given to it by the ancient Egyptians who had knowledge of the spirit world. The world would go dark and overrun by evil if Horus, the god of the underworld, closed one of his eyes. In their minds, the symbol of an open eye was a deterrent against evil.

As the Turkish bad luck charm, it was called the Nazar Boncuk in ancient times. With an eye embedded in the palm of the hand, it is thought to shield off bad luck. If the blue glass bead breaks, it’s a sign that the job is done and a new one need.

Though the evil eye is used in different ways in different cultures, it always carries the same meaning.

Is the Evil Eye a Costume Jewelry?

To keep your talisman with you at all times, wear it in jewellery. A worldwide craze for evil eye jewellery is on the rise. Some people wear it because they want to keep up with the latest fashion, while others know the true meaning behind it.

Is it likely that you’ll wear the bracelet all the time? If the answer is yes, elastic is a good choice. The great thing about blue eye jewellery is that it is both visually appealing and flexible in terms of how it is worn. It’ll be a staple in your outfit for a long time to come.

The Evil Eye and The Hamsa Hand:

When looking for evil eye jewellery, a hand with an eye might resemble what you’re looking for. Hamsa hands, which have similar meanings, can be found in the same place. It is most commonly used as a symbol in Islam and Judaism, but we can also find it in Christian art.

Good health, happiness, and fortune are said to follow the wearer of the hamsa hand no matter their religious beliefs. The word “hamsa” is used to refer to the finger of the hand, which is titled.

It’s not uncommon for the hamsa hand to be affiliated with a female deity in each of these faiths. It is referred to as the Hand of Fatima, Mohammed’s daughter, in Islamic tradition. The hand of Mary is the Christian symbol.

The Hand of God is a common nickname for it among Jews. It’s also known as Moses’ sister Miriam’s Hand. They are often depicted together because both the evil eye and the hamsa hand provide protection and luck. The palm of the hamsa hand is frequently infected with the evil eye.


Getting an evil eye bracelet is easy once a person knows why they want one. Wearing it on the left or right hand is up to the wearer’s preference. The most important thing is that the evil eye bracelet provides the necessary protection from evil glances that conceal bad intentions.

You can also hang the talisman on your wall if you don’t want to wear the evil eye bracelet all the time. It’s impossible to wear evil eye protection 100 per cent of the time. Wear it correctly, and you’ll reap all of the evil eye bracelet’s benefits.

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