Fansly vs OnlyFans

Fansly vs OnlyFans

Fansly is a website created for content creators to offer access to their images and videos. Creators can create profiles, charge users for access to a portion of the content hidden from view, and earn money by encouraging users to sign up and remain on the site to be notified of new posts.

It’s based in the US and was founded in the year 2020. It began to gain popularity in 2021 when rumors of OnlyFans’ plans to stop adult-oriented content began.


Fansly offers several features that make it easier to earn money and provide privacy.

Automatically Watermark

With these privacy features, you can automatically watermark the content you upload to Fansly. A watermark is a small unique image that overlays on the corners of your photo or video.

This can be highly beneficial in stopping people from taking your content to share elsewhere, a situation that’s prevalent throughout the internet of sexually explicit photos and videos. When you add a watermark to your content, it provides proof of ownership. If someone does crop the watermark, you’ll be able to get to the website owner by providing them with the original watermark version.

Location Blocker

A different, completely private option is blocking the location. Many models who share sexually explicit content do it entirely anonymously and ensure that their image is not hotshot at all times, or they do it undercover with the hopes that their family and friends will not find out.

Location blocker allows you to restrict your account access to the city level, but you can expand it to all states or even entire countries. This way, you can ensure that your family, parents, or friends don’t stumble upon your adult-oriented content.

Multiple Subscriptions

One of the cool features Fansly offers, unlike only Fans and several other websites do not provide, is the option for tiered subscriptions. Many sites allow you to charge a cost. However, Fansly will enable you to create different service levels with different pricing.

Which Type Of Content Does It Prefer? 

Fansly will allow anything that is legal but is very careful in making. Ensure that any content considered illegal is removed from the site and anything which could be regarded as unlawful, for instance, “consensual non-consent.” It is explicitly prohibited under the Terms and Conditions.


It’s primarily an adult website, but other creators are also welcome. A majority of the profiles are from creators who post explicit content. It gained a lot of attention when it was speculated that OnlyFans would stop adult creators from creating content, and thousands of people were seeking to leave.

According to Fansly, it does not have any plans to ban adult content, which makes it a tempting option for creators who are thinking that OnlyFans may be able to trigger the issue of a ban on sexual content.

How Do Content Creators Earn Money On Fansly?

There are numerous ways to earn money from Fansly. The first is to make money from your unpaid followers. The followers can buy the post for a once-off fee you choose and can then see a photo without embossing emojis. The followers may be paying subscribers one day as their love for you increases.

Second, the most effective way to earn money is to set up several subscription levels so fans can access exclusive content at different rates. It is possible to charge high prices for premium monthly subscriptions. In addition, you can earn extra money by interacting with your followers through DMs.

In contrast to OnlyFans, Fansly was able to respond to one of the most-requested features. Since April 20, 2021, authors have been able to start paying for messaging. You can not only be the money to message as a fan, but the service will offer suggestions for new content that could bring in extra money and tips. In addition, you could earn profits from the Fansly referral program, in which, for the first year, the creator you recommend will receive the 5% of their revenue.

Payout Options On Fansly

Fansly has three payment options Bank Transfer, Skrill, and Paxum. In the beginning, you can make a payment of $100. Contrary to other platforms, you can make payments as often as you like, and there are no specific dates for each month. It can take three weeks for the creators to get their funds.

Is It Legit?

An LLC backs it registered located in the USA. Its website gets more than 21 million visitors per month. It also offers a variety of unique tools for creators and various initiatives to ensure their users’ privacy and protect copyright. Fansly is a legitimate service and is an excellent contender to be the best alternative to OnlyFans.

Final Words

Fansly is among the top adult sites you can find since they rapidly adjust to the demands of content producers. If you’re searching for an alternative to OnlyFans, then Fansly will probably meet your requirements. As a platform, it’s like Onlyfans, which is why it was able to make it to one of the leading websites similar to the OnlyFans checklist. Every time, it has completed the required improvements to support a large number of creators and users moving on to the service.


Fansly has taken the world to the next level with new features like paid messaging, fair referral systems, and subscription tiers. Keep in mind that every platform is not perfect. It lacks brand recognition and features, such as a greater variety of payment options, such as cryptocurrency. While it has its merits, there is room for improvement. If it keeps the current trend of listening to the needs of sex workers, the platform will eventually grow to become an industry leader.

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