FBISD Fort Bend Independent School District Public View

FBISD Fort Bend Independent School District Public View

The FBISD is a responsible school. Parents of more than 70,000 students choose Fort Bend ISD as their top school district. In order to accommodate the academic and vocational interests of students. The area comprises one of the wealthiest areas in Texas.


After an election held on April 18, 1959, Sugar Land ISD and Missouri City ISD combines, and as a result, Fort Bend ISD creates.  The Director of the first Fort Bend ISD was Louis P. Rodgers who was the previous superintendent of Missouri City ISD. 

Mustang Common School, House Common School, and Missouri City Common School came together to form Missouri City ISD (Fresno area). In 1948, Sartartia Common School and Clodine Common School adds to the 1918-founded Sugar Land ISD.

The original FBISD segregates racially, with white students from high schools attending the combined Dulles High School, with its main campus located at Sugar Land, and black high school students taking classes at the M.R. Wood School in Sugar Land. It was 1963 and the FBISD included 600 children. the district was de-segregated in September 1965.  So Rodgers passed away in May 1967, and Mercer was appointed the superintendent. 

The school’s state in 1969

One thousand students attended the school system, and attendance was rising. In the years 1979-97, there a brand new high school opened for no greater than five years.  In the month of August 1997, the district was home to more than 14,000 students in its high schools. Its high schools it had six high schools.

A part of Stafford was once portion in Fort Bend ISD however, it split off and became the Stafford Municipal School District. In 1977 the FBISD areas in the City of Stafford were transferred from FBISD to join the Stafford MSD which was then renamed the Stafford MSD. The decision deems to be constitutional in the year 1981. 

Condition of school after 1984

LeBouef was fired in March of 1991, and Raj K. Chopra became superintendent in August that year. Chopra dismisses on the 20th of July, 1994. The new director, Don W. Hooper appoints on February 15, 1995.

In the year 1997, FBISD is the most rapidly growing district of schools in Texas with new high schools that were comprehensive being opened in smaller increments of less then five years.

Hooper’s retirement schedule to take place in June 2002.

Condition of school during COVID-19

in 2021 as part of the COVID-19 outbreak in Texas District administration decided to not demand masks, regardless of the fact KP George was who was the Fort Bend county judge, KP George issued a directive on masks. Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, had made it illegal for local officials to issue mask orders.  In August the board of directors of the district decided 4-3 to change their policy and mandate masks.

Detailed instructions for registering a new student in FBISD

Do you have a new experience with Fort Bend ISD and need to enroll your child in school?

Using cutting-edge technology, Fort Bend ISD shortened its registration procedure for new students. The district also remained data integrity while enhancing administrative efficiency and facilitating the process for parents and students. At present, Fort Bend has successfully admitted more than 10,000 students to Skyward’s new Student Online enrollment.

Please complete this procedure to admits to this school.

1 Go online and fill out your Online Registration for New Students.

2 – Collect all the documents listed below:

  • Lease or Deed to your home recent
Utility Bill (Gas Water, Gas, or Electric) along with both of your names and address are as well as address valid and current Texas Driver’s License with the same address. as deed/leaseStudent’s Birth CertificateStudent’s Social Security CardStudent’s Immunization Records – Immunization RequirementsForm to withdraw from the former school Not required during summer. Reports or transcripts of the former School(s)The report card is for the 7th or 8th grades If the student participated in high
  • School Courses for Credit

How did the county of FBISD obtain its name?

Fort Bend County is a county that is located inside Texas, the U.S. state of Texas. The county creates in 1837, and incorporate the following year. The county’s name is derived from the blockhouse located at the bend in the Brazos River. The community forms around the fort during the early times.

How many students enroll in Fort Bend ISD?

Being the biggest school district within the county Fort Bend ISD is a top educational system that provides K-12 education. SoFort Bend ISD is Texas the eighth largest in terms of size having greater than 78,000 students and is among the most diverse across the country.

What year was FBISD founded?

Fort Bend ISD had its first graduating class in the year 1960. The first class graduated from the current Dulles High School in 1962. Fort Bend ISD celebrated its 63th anniversary in the year 2022.

What number of campuses does the Fort Bend ISD have?

At the present, FBISD expands to encompass the following campuses: 81 comprising 11 high schools fifteen middle schools as well as 51 elementary campuses. So there are four campuses that are unique to meet the vocational and academic needs of students.

When does Fort Bend ISD’s last day of classes end?

The Fort Bend ISD school year 2022–2023 academic calendar is now available. Fort Bend ISD’s board of trustees ratified the new calendar at the regular board meeting held in January. 24. According to a press release, the new calendar will begin instruction on August 10 and will end the instruction period the following day, May 25, in advance of Memorial Day. What position does Fort Bend ISD hold? Around 75,000 kids who reside in Elm Grove, Fresno, Missouri City, Richmond, Rosharon, and Sugar Land attend these 75 schools. The scaled score for the 2018 TEA STAAR component for Fort Bend ISD is 87. Which GPA system does FBISD hire? The GPA system that is used in FBISD is known by the name of a 100-Point Scale. In this system, the 100-point scale determines by adding all semester averages of the student and then divided by the number of semesters completed. Final Words FBISD is a good school. Today, it is the most famous school. Its popularity is growing each day. So the educational level is excellent. The school’s personnel is highly educated. They teach as if they were their own son. In order to be

admitted into this school, you complete a procedure.

Best Fort Bend County Public Schools

Cornerstone Elementary School
Commonwealth Elementary School
Beckendorff J High School
Fort Settlement Middle School
Seven Lakes High School
Bess Campbell Elementary School
Odessa Kilpatrick Elementary School
Anne Mccormick Sullivan Elementary School
Seven Lakes J High School
Tom Wilson Elementary School

Clements High School
Stephen F. Austin High School
Ridge Point High School
Dulles High School
Bush High School
Travis High School
Lawrence E Elkins High School
Kempner High School
Hightower High School
Willowridge High School
Thurgood Marshall High School
Debakey High School for Health Professions
Lamar Consolidated School District
Carnegie Vanguard High School
Southminster School
Eastwood Academy
Swenke Elementary School
Challenge Early College High School
Herod Elementary School
Kerr High School
Cornerstone Christian Academy
Clear Horizons Early College High School
Glen York – Elementary
High School for the Performing and Visual Arts
The Village School
Harmony School of Innovation
The WIDE School
Harmony Science Academy West Houston
Matzke Elementary School

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