How Tall is Bryce James? NBA Star’s Height Revealed!

How Tall is Bryce James? NBA Star’s Height Revealed!

One of the players in the NBA who has the highest fan support is Bryce James. But in all honesty, how tall is he? We’ve all seen those memes about how tall different celebrities are, and it can be hard to tell whether they’re accurate or not.

┬áLet us put an end to all of this speculation, shall we? Is Bryce James 6’1″ or 6’2″ tall? Also, how tall is he in relation to the rest of the NBA stars? We’ll get to the bottom of all that and more in today’s post.

Who is Bryce James?

Bryce James is a professional basketball player who has enjoyed a successful career thus far. Bryce was born and raised in the United States and played college basketball for Duke University. In the first round of the NBA draught, the Los Angeles Lakers selected him.

Bryce has since gone on to enjoy a successful career with the Lakers, winning an NBA championship in 2020. Bryce is also a two-time Olympic gold medalist, having represented the United States at the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics.

Bryce is well-known for both his on- and off-court accomplishments in the world of philanthropy. He has worked with various charities over the years, including LeBron James’ “I Promise” Foundation. Bryce continues to be an impactful player in the NBA, and it is clear that he has a bright future ahead of him.

Bryce James Born Date:

Bryce James was born on October 23, 1995, in Akron, Ohio. Bryce, who plays point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, is a professional basketball player from the United States (NBA).

 The Los Angeles Lakers selected him with the seventh overall choice in the 2018 NBA draught after he played college basketball for the University of Kentucky. Bryce has been included in the NBA All-Star and All-NBA teams. Bryce’s older sister, LeBron James, is also a professional basketball player.


What is Bryce James’ height?

Bryce James is a Duke University basketball player. One of their taller players, Bryce James stands at 6’7″. Despite his height, Bryce James is incredibly agile on the court and has a vertical jump of over 40 inches.

Because of his stature and quickness, he is an extremely difficult opponent for opponents. Bryce James is currently averaging 15 points and 9 rebounds per game. With his combination of size and skill, Bryce James has the potential to be a very successful professional basketball player.


Bryce James is the son of basketball superstar LeBron James, and he is quickly making a name for himself in the world of high school hoops. Standing at 6-foot-3, Bryce is a talented shooting guard who has already received interest from several top college programs.

 While he is still two years away from making his college decision, it is clear that Bryce has the potential to be a big-time player at the next level. For now, he will continue to hone his skills at Sierra Canyon High School, where he will surely be one of the best players in the country. When it comes to the Class of 2022, Bryce James is one to keep an eye out for.

How Tall is Bronny James? Bryce Brother.

At 6 feet 2 inches tall, Bronny James is taller than the average point guard. He’s also the son of NBA legend LeBron James. That said, there’s no doubt that Bronny has benefited from some good genes when it comes to his height.

Genes, however, are not the primary element in determining a person’s height. When it comes to becoming taller, a person’s lifestyle and genetics play a part. So while it’s clear that Bronny has some advantages when it comes to his height, he’s also worked hard to make sure he reaches his full potential.

As he continues to grow and develop, it will be interesting to see how tall Bronny James will ultimately end up being. Bryce Brother is 6’7. Comparatively, that is rather tall! Standing a few inches shorter than his older brother, it will be exciting to see if he eventually catches up to or surpasses him in height. Either way, it’s clear that the James family is full of tall individuals!

Thoughts On Bryce And LeBron From Kobe Bryant:

When asked about the Bryce and LeBron situation, Kobe Bryant had some interesting things to say. Kobe had high praise for both players, but he was especially complimentary of Bryce. Kobe said that Bryce is “a very talented player with a lot of potentials.

He went on to say that Bryce has “a unique skill set” and that he is “a great young player.” Kobe also said that LeBron is “one of the best players in the world” and that he is “a great role model for kids.” These comments show that Kobe has a lot of respect for both Bryce and LeBron. As their careers advance, it’ll be interesting to watch.

LeBron James and His Son: A Father and Son Team

As a basketball player, LeBron James is among the greatest ever. He is a four-time NBA MVP and a three-time NBA champion. He is also the father of LeBron James Jr., who is currently playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.

 When asked about the possibility of playing alongside his son in the NBA, LeBron James Sr. said that he would love to do so one day. Basketball player LeBron James Jr. is exceptionally talented despite his young age.

LeBron James Sr. knows that he will not be able to play forever, and he wants to take advantage of the opportunity to play with his son while he can. It is not yet clear if LeBron James Jr. will be good enough to play in the NBA, but it is certainly a possibility. If LeBron James Jr. does make it to the NBA, it would be a dream come true for LeBron James Sr. to be able to play with his son on the same team.

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