IYF TV Reviews & Best Free Online TV Service

IYF TV Reviews &  Best Free Online TV Service

Asian films and dramas, particularly those from China, Korea, and Japan are getting more popular across the globe. Many people love them due to their distinctive exotic and captivating stories.

For Europe and America, there are few sites where you can enjoy Chinese, Korean, and Japanese films and dramas. There are a few sites that offer Asian film sites, but only a few have sufficient numbers and quality.

Many Asian film websites online do not contain the most recent films and dramas, which is disappointing especially if you’re watching an upcoming Chinese drama. In this article, we’ll examine IYF TV, a website that has a huge selection of dramas, movies, and documentaries that are from Asian countries.

What is IYF TV?

IYF TV is an Asian streaming service that offers a wide selection of movies, dramas, documentaries, variety shows, and other content. While it’s a brand new site, it’s far from the competition in terms of the quality and the quantity of content.

It has a library of 10,000+ films including 10,000+ TV dramas and 1800+ variety programs and 3000+ cartoons and 1300+ documentaries. The site is one of the tops when it regards the amount of content available among Asian movie sites.

To understand more about the IFOOD TV website, keep reading. It is worth noting that the IYF TV has two modes both premium and free; each has advantages and disadvantages.

Free mode


You can watch every drama and movie on IYF TV for free when in the free mode. It serves as the website’s default mode. If you’d like to utilize the mode in this manner, then you do not need to create an account and give any financial or personal information.


However, the free mode is add-supported and you’ll have to face irritating ads that pop up frequently. Another drawback of the free mode is the video quality.

When you are in free mode you are unable to download anything from the site and can only stream films and dramas at 480p or lower quality.

Premium mode


IYF TV’s Premium Mode is free of annoying advertisements. You can watch your favorite film in ultra-high definition, like 4k and 2k. Any 4K movie or TV show can be downloaded and watched offline.

Premium mode lets you request dramas, movies, and variety shows that aren’t currently available on the site if an action or movie you adore isn’t offered on IYFTV, you can request it using the website’s premium mode, and it will be located for you.


In order to access the premium version, you must pay a fee for a subscription according to the plan you have selected. You must first create an account before providing your financial information. The following premium packages are offered by IYF TV.

Gold VIP 15 euros for a 30-day contract..

Gold VIP Package of 180 days for just 69 euros.

Extreme VIP For 119 euros, you can get a year’s subscription.

On IYF TV, where can I discover movies, dramas, and documentaries?

The navigation on the website IYF TV is incredibly comprehensive. The library of videos includes movies, television dramas, and variety shows, as well as cartoons, physical education videos, games videos, documentaries news, daily live videos, music clips, fashion videos, and technology videos.

All of these are principal categories, each having subcategories or genres. Each main category includes distinct genres. It is the ability to quickly identify exactly what you need. The genres that make up each main category are listed below.

Film: It has Comedy and action, love and crime, as well as science fantasy, fiction adventure, disaster, terror plot, war dancing and singing, classical suspense, drama homosexuality, as well as an online film as subcategories and genres.

Television DramasThis major category contains Idol Love, Romance, ancient costume historical as well as fantasy and adventure, spy war cities, science fiction comedy, military fighting arts, rivers and lakes crime youth, family wars suspense, escape myth, palace, trade war, gangster action, thriller, the plot of homosexuality, fantasy and skits among the genres.

Variety Show: This primary category contains subdivisions such as interviews, musical parties, draughts, hilarious network integration programs, sports emotions, reality shows, and more.

Cartoons: It has blood-fighting, fighting, air combat girl, sports, magic, science fiction, and hilarious logic adventure, love campus cure quick noodles, pass-through supernatural, danmei and theatrical version, and many other genres.

Physical Education: This main category contains the Olympics and basketball, as well as comprehensive football and basketball subcategories.

How can IYF TV users keep safe?

While IYF TV is dangerous, it’s not yet at the stage where there’s any way to use it in a safe manner. So long as you adhere to the appropriate precautions, it’s suitable to use for the majority time. In addition to the safety precautions that you must be aware of.

  • Utilize an ad-blocker program to block advertisements. Ad-blockers can block the majority of the advertisements on websites. The majority, but not all, do not touch any of the other ads, if at all possible. If you’re redirected to a different website be sure to leave as fast as you can. Ads are generally safe as they aren’t touched by them.
  • Do not use the premium option, when you can, since you are able to watch all films online in no-cost mode If you’ve decided to switch to the premium mode you’ll need to pay using an additional card that contains the minimum amount of funds needed to purchase the package you have chosen.
  • Make use of a VPN to keep your identity private which means that even in the event that IYF TV is illegal in your area, nobody can catch those who use it. Discover more at 1moviehd.

FAQs regarding IYF TV

Who is the Iyf.tv founder?

The identity of the site’s owner is not known. The website says it was developed by an out-of-the-country Chinese.Learn more JalshaMoviez.

What sources do IYF TV’s films, dramas, and documentaries have?

IYF TV subscribers can upload movies, TV series, and other video content. The majority of films, documentaries, dramas, and variety programs are uploaded on the site by the users.

Is there any offensive material on the website?

Yes, there are videos that aren’t suitable for minors. The website lets users upload videos with no limit on what they can upload. Check out aFilmywap as well.

Why won’t IYF TV open?

For two reasons, you might not be able to watch IYF TV.

  • The website is under maintenance. You should restart the process after 30 minutes.
  • The site is blocked in your region.

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