Jose Trinidad Marin | You Should Know About Everything …

Jose Trinidad Marin |  You Should Know About Everything …

Jose Trinidad Marin is the husband of Jenni Rivera. The name is well-known by the name Trino Marin. As with any other non-celebrity, Trino lived a normal life. While in his time in high school Trino had a meeting with Jenni, and they decided to enter involved in a secret affair. He was just a regular guy until the day he introduces to American musician Jenni Rivera. The news was made when the knot he tied in pictures together with Jenni Rivera. Jose is also popularly known for his stage name Trino Marin. Jenni was born as Dolores Saavedra.

Jenni Rivera is a prestigious late American musician, artist, and entertainer. Jose is also a representative of the American people, a television maker, a giver also a brilliant man for business. She is most famous for her work in the Regional Mexican music type, especially with Banda, Mariachi, and Moreno.


Trino Marin was the real name given to Jose Trinidad Marin. His birthdate was February 15th of 1964 in California, US. Trino is well-known because of the real title of his name. Jose is also a member of a Christian family and shares a common background. Before his marriage to Jenni Rivera (ex-wife), Jose Trinidad became a name that was not known to the general public. Jenni is well-known in the media due to her songwriting, and performance.

The couple choose to keep their lives private when they were in a relationship. There’s a dearth of information available on the web about this couple. 

Jose is from Mexico as he holds an American Mexican passport. His parents and mother raised the boy in Mexico before he moved permanently to America.

Jose met her in High School. Before they decided to officially declare their marriage by obtaining a marriage certificate Jose worked all day and night at the restaurant, and eventually became the manager of the restaurant. It was essential for him to generate income from home and provide an income source for the family.


California was the place of Joss Trinidad’s birth on February 15, 1964. Her father and mother’s names were kept private in the United States. His birthday sign was Aquarius. He is of mixed race.

He is also an unwavering believer in the concept of Marin’s parents were the primary ones to raise him in Mexico prior to their move to America. Jose completed his high school studies at an elementary school in the area.

Professional Career

Jose Trinidad Marin was a restaurant manager. But he was out of work for molesting and harassing one of his employees. He was incarcerated for a variety of sexually sexy acts, including a minor, aggravated, and sex crimes, as well as an unruly minor. By the court, Trino gives a 31-year prison term.

Jenni sought divorce from Jose because of the physical and mental abuse he committed on her. She did not confirm the abuse of her husband’s ex-wife scandal until years later. When she filed for divorce. Trino Marn had attacked his children Chiquis and Jacqie as well as her mother-in-law.

Three counts of indecent behavior towards a child and three counts of oral intercourse with minors. One count of an aggravated sex offense and one instance of continuous sex violation were determined to be guilty in a trial on the basis of nine.

Physical Measurements of Joss Marin

As his wife’s husband Jenni Rivera Trino requires to keep his height. 5 feet and 10 inches tall Mexican eye black with brown hair. His bodily measurements are not yet available. The size of his shoes and dress size is not yet known. He is a healthy person. The weight of his body is 67 kg.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Relationship

According to Trinidad’s interviews, the actor was in love with Jenni Rivera as she transformed into the most successful 15 years old. 

Jenni was pregnant with her first child at 17 years old. Rivera was in school when she delivered her very first baby. Three kids were born to the couple. In 1992, their marriage fell apart. Jose was a snitch with Jenni as well as his sister-in-law along with her daughters. There’s not always any new information or pictures released about the bride of Jose Marin Trinidad. He started his life again with his new partner somewhere within Riverside County.

Children of Jose Trinidad Marin

Trinidad and Janni were parents to an infant while they were not yet in high school. He became a father on the 26th of June, 1985 when Janni was born to their child, chiquis Rivera. The couple soon became parents of their second daughter named Janis Campos, on November 9th 20th 1989.

11th of September, 1991 they were parents to a child named Michael Marin.  His daughter who was the oldest took her mother’s path and eventually became an accomplished singer. The two other children worked as actors in English as well as Mexican films and TV series.

Divorce of Jose Trinidad Marin

Unfortunately, the worst days began shortly after the birth of their youngest children. The couple tries to request a divorce. There was a major messy courtroom, with the battle over the kids’ custody. In the end, the child’s charges handle by the court to Rivera through the courts.

The net worth of Jose Trinidad Marin

According to the information we got from our source. Jose Trino dismisses from his previous job as a control officer. 

According to his words that a person had started the idea that he wanted to have sexual relations with colleagues. After being interrogated, it turned out to be so light that it was never an unsubstantiated fact. Jose was also known to have assaulted one of his coworkers.

Final Words

The way that life goes on depends on the choices made by a person. If we glance at the lives of Jose Trinidad Marin, then we’ll get to realize how bad choices can destroy the life of someone and learn the reasons why it is crucial to manage your emotions and make choices based on ethical principles social standards.


What happened to Trino Marin?

Trino has been found to be guilty of sexually abusing Jacquie and his sister-in-law, Rosie, for sexual assault and sexual rape. Trino has sentenced to a term of 31 years in jail without parole in 2007 for rape and sexual assault 2007.

What is the death matter of Jenni Rivera?

Jenni Rivera died in a crash of a plane on the 9th day of December 2012 while she was flying on the Learjet 25 at the time. There was a minor problem in the engine of the plane that led to an air crash. The plane crashed into Monterrey, Mexico. Six other passengers kill during the accident as well as Rivera.

The final rites of her funeral were held in her hometown on Long Island on December 31 of 2012 in Long Island.

Where is Jose Trinidad Marin?

Jose Trinidad was getting out of jail due to his good conduct. The man said that he didn’t have any information about Jose getting out of prison. He also stated that Jose is healthy in jail.

A few people also sign the petition on the reasons why Jose shouldn’t release from prison. This is a sign that people remain angry over Trino’s actions.

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