Josh King Madrid -Bio, Age, Family, Birthdays

Josh King Madrid -Bio, Age, Family, Birthdays

Josh King Madrid is a well-known Entrepreneur. Josh was born on March 8, 1998. His home country is the United States. Josh is also known as an entrepreneur and social media influencer. He co-founded Team Jet Set, a group of young entrepreneurs. Josh is also the co-host of “The Dropout Degree podcast.” The Dropout Degree is one of the top 25 Business podcasts on iTunes. There are 160,000 people following him on Instagram.

Josh King Madrid Biography

Josh King Madrid was born on March 8, 1998, and his birthplace is the United States. His occupation is an entrepreneur. It is his Birth sign, “Pisces.” Pisces is most famous for his work in the Entrepreneur field.
Individuals with social influence and entrepreneurial spirit create a group of young entrepreneurs. This group is known as Team Jet Set. He hosts The Dropout Degree podcast. The Dropout Degree is ranked among the top 25 Business podcasts on iTunes. The podcast has approximately 160,000 subscribers on Instagram.
Josh is a friend of Bear Degidio and has posted pictures with him on Instagram. He is a genuine businessman who began his first venture at 7 old. He bought Beanies on Alibaba and sold them to kindergarten classmates.

Early Life and Family

Before he became famous, he was a constant businessman. He established his first company at the age of 7 years old. Josh bought Beanies on Alibaba and sold them to kindergarten classmates. Josh has one brother and one sister.

Childhood and Education

Josh King Madrid grew up in Ohio, where he studied at the Ohio State College of Medicine. Madrid began his first venture at seven, purchasing hats from Alibaba and making them available to schoolmates later.
In 2022 Madrid established the medium media through the Internet alongside Joey Send and “TheBlondeJon.”


The 24-year-old American online celebrity businessman Josh King Madrid is the first person to test chatbot marketing with Instagram DM automation. In just 21 weeks, this campaign racked up millions of dollars in sales.
In 2017, Josh King Madrid dropped out of college after just 4 months of study at the University of California Irvine. He made $27,000 that month. At 18, Josh was a bit unsure about how to build an online business using social media. Within 30 minutes, Josh decided to invest in his first online marketing tool. The tool is the Online Sales Pro leads generation and sales funnel, with an application for mobile phones. It cost him $297 of his last 305 dollars to start. He began searching for blogs, videos, and other stories of successful entrepreneurs using this application on social media. He was able to make it big.
In the first month, the entrepreneur worked 14 hours a day and earned a life-changing amount of $80 as a college student under his pseudonym “JetSet” on the Internet. A year later, he made his first $8,000 in a single day. He decided that it was time to pull out.
Josh established himself as a critical player in digital marketing as the first user of experimental software that uses chatbots that use hashtags and keywords on Instagram. Josh didn’t realize it at the beginning of 2019 when his campaign to promote his brand transformed how brands and businesses sell their products on Instagram.
Instagram launched direct messages on Instagram direct messages ads just a few months after Josh used the chatbot during his conference. Within one time, Jeff convinced the Nelk Boys, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, and other famous internet stars to sign onto his platform.

Josh King Madrid’s Siblings

Josh King grew up aiding his family members in building an online store packaging and delivery equipment. He is the brother of TikTok, the famous “TheBlondeJon.” Additionally, he has an older sister.

Josh King Parents

Josh King’s dad’s and mother’s names aren’t available. He was named one of the Top Influential Enterprise Influencers for 2017. He’s recognized by the name JetSetFly. He dropped out of school and made a million dollars within a year. He’s now on the boards of various businesses, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Quick Firm, and Rolling Stone.

Personal Life

Our data shows Madrid is likely to be single and hasn’t been previously engaged. As of September 2022, he has no binding obligations to anyone.
There is no evidence of prior relationships with Madrid. You could help us make the database of relationships for Madrid.

Josh King Madrid Birthday and Birth Sign

They often dilute themselves by mixing with more prominent personalities so that they keep from having to create solid identities. Most traits related to Pisces have internal mechanisms that make them hard to observe from afar—living their lives as epic poems.

Josh King Madrid Top & Weight

He has a height of 5 feet, 11 inches, or 1.83 meters. The weight of his body is comprised of 71 kilograms. His physique dimension is 44-37-19 (chest-waist-bicep). He has dark brown hair coloration, and the color of his eyes is brown. The hair’s length is small.

Josh King Madrid’s Net Worth

Josh King Madrid is among the most successful entrepreneurs from the United States. He makes the majority of his money as an Entrepreneur. As a highly successful entrepreneur, his name appears in more than one newspaper and journal article.

Josh makes all his money working in his Entrepreneur field of employment. Based on our analysis and projections on Wikipedia and other well-known journals and publications, Josh King Madrid has an estimated Net worth of around $4.5 million.

Josh King Madrid


Josh King Madrid is an American businessman, social media persona, and public speaking. He is the creator of the movement known as Workforce Jet Set, which focuses on young business owners. He’s also the co-host of the top Enterprise Podcast on iTunes, The Dropout Diploma.
With over 420,000 followers on Instagram and an impressive following. Additionally, he uses his platform to offer certified NLP coaching. He is the founder of NFT Journal, a web journal focusing on everything related to Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
He is the co-host of The Dropout Degree podcast. The Dropout Degree is ranked among The top Business podcasts on iTunes. There are 420,000 fans on jet set’s Instagram. He is also an accredited NLP trainer and the creator of NFT Magazine.

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