Kuromi: Description about ’s Character | Hobbies Feelings

Kuromi: Description about ’s Character | Hobbies Feelings

Can you imagine that one cartoon character becoming a business brand? If you cannot then you have to know that the name of this cartoon character is Kuromi. And there are a lot of businesses running around This cartoon. This drama was launched in 2005 on television. This drama become popular in the world and many people watch this drama. But this character makes an effect on people which leads to the creation of business products such as logos, bags, key lock rings, and many other things that come in markets that use the logo of Her.

You know very well how did much technology bring change in your life? And how did much it bring change in business? In the past twenty-year, people did not think about online business because they were habitual of going to the market for shopping. But nowadays online business is growing day by day and according to a survey that in 2030 80% percent of businesses become online and shifted from physical concepts. So Kurumi business brand is also available for online shopping and you will be surprised to know how cartoon characters become business brands.

Kuromi from Japan


She is a white rabbit, wearing the black jester’s hat, with pink skulls on the front. She also has an ebony devil’s tail that is from Sanrio. The name Kuromi in Japanese means the color black (Kuro) beauty (mi). Her birthday falls on the day of Halloween October 31.

Description about ’s character

She is a character from the animated series Onegai My Melody. In the animated show, Onegai My Melody has a strong resentment towards My Melody which stems from the tiny insignificant mistake My Melody made while they were young. It keeps a journal that she calls”Kuromi Note” that contains more than 6,324 instances where My Melody has offended her. These incidents are hardly significant for example, Melody takes the final piece of pickled onion from her lunch box at school. However, it considers them to be traumatic occasions and vows to seek revenge in the future.

Feelings of this Character

It is believed that these feelings are rooted in anger at My Melody because she is “sweeter” in comparison to who she actually is and then escalates to the brink of delinquency due to his anger and despair against the world. While she might appear rough and punk, however, she’s quite feminine and attracted by handsome men! she loves writing her journal and is a lover of romance short tales.

Hobbies of this Character

Her favorite colors include hot pink and black. Her most loved food is shallots. She also loves all kinds of meat and more recently, she merchandises, cherries were presented. Although she is a villain, she is a foodie and cooks. It is possible to describe her as a rowdy wild spirit.

She is the punk-tomboy cousin of My Melody. While My Melody is a warm-hearted fan, She but She’s emotions are more prone to rivalry to make them look tough.

Main characteristics about Kuromi which you have to know necessary because people like it and to set up a business around this character.

  • First, she looks like a tomboy but actually, she is like a girl because of her actions and expressions.
  • Their favorite color is black and she has hobbies of writing diary and writing stories about cooking and romantic novels.
  • She has also a quality of leadership and it is a leader of a bike gang in this play and in its team, they are five members.
  • Its favorite food is shallot. Her behavior is mostly friendly with people.
  • Her character is liked by people because of these characteristics which affect children and also adult people.

How did imagination’s character as Kuromi become a business brand in the world?

In the world, there are many people those open businesses using popular company names such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other popular. They keep their name on different products such as T-shirt logos with their name, mobile phones, schools bag for children, mobile covers, shoes, and a lot of others products which name like. When you go shopping and also search online you also find many products that name as Facebook t-shirts, Facebook shoes, Amazon mobile, and also many other products available in shopping markets.

Reasons for this cartoon character becoming a business brand.

There are many questions that come to mind such as why do people use these names while doing business. Because they help to grow easily their business as you know in business you have to need advertising about your products and marketing about your business. But due to these popular names, you can easily grow your business and people also like to shop those things which related to popular brands and names which mostly appreciated in society by people.

The same reason with The Kuromi cartoon character. Because everyone like this character in drama and it is also popular and people also want to keep things that relate to this character. As you know most children like watching cartoons. That is why there are a lot of products made by different companies those shapes as Kuromi cartoons such as school bags, children’s shoes, lock key rings, T-shirts, children’s toys, covers for mobile phones, and other products.

People views This business brand

  • The daughter is in love with it. Very good quality
  • My granddaughter is in love with this. It’s well made!
  • It’s adorable but tiny! My standard-size pillow was about 2 inches too long, so I needed to put it into the space!
  • It’s adorable, great design, and is comfortable. I love the back design as well. I placed it on a regular pillow. It was a bit snug but it was able to do the job.
  • It’s adorable and overall, really lovely for anyone who you know is interested in Sanrio I’ve not experienced any issues and it’s good quality!


Kuromi become a brand as a business because most people liked it. People started to take those things which resemble with it. Children also like to take school bags, T-shirts, shoes, Toys, and other things that seem like it. There are also adult people who like to wear t-shirts, mobile covers, and use logos on things. There are many other characteristics that become reasons to open a new business and to increase business in the market. Also, this cartoon character become a business brand which was launched in 2005 as cartoon series.

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