LimeTorrents Proxy and Alternate Websites

LimeTorrents Proxy and Alternate Websites

LimeTorrents is a direct clone of LimeWire but has all features except video and audio. This is the feature-packed LimeTorrents, built for efficient BitTorrent downloads. Everything you can expect in a top-tier LimeTorrents torrents site, but with better speed, reliability, and a much nicer user interface.

LimeTorrents allows you to store your files for future use. Instead of leaving your music, movies, photos, and other media on LimeWire, get it off your system without using another BitTorrent client. There are no ads, no commercial content, no shared bandwidth, no pop-up ads, and no data limit. It’s absolutely free. So download LimeTorrents and start sharing your files with your friends.

Damon Conant talks about LimeTorrents


Password Protected!

Upload and Download torrents without having to enter a URL or address. Just choose the destination folder and type the torrent to the destination!

Download all files available to LimeTorrents

Stores your media files securely in your Uploaded/Download folder. And please remember to change your upload folder to the default location. (like ~%userprofile%/Download) Multipart Uploader

LimeTorrents offers a nice feature that allows you to upload files in multiple formats (e.g. 7z, bz2, zip) Filesize calculation is automatically updated in real-time Various upload & download speed options (10K – 5Gbs) Optional “Playback Quality” Make audio or video files accessible from the Uploader Unlock videos when downloading. Simply copy the filename to any of your media files, and when you’re done downloading just change the unlock condition for the video you want to play.

Free BitTorrent Sync

Get files from anywhere. LimeTorrents offers free BitTorrent sync so you can get your files in real-time, even if they are on a different machine.

Web-based application

Support for Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers

Keep your site secure. This is our security

All torrents are torrents that are stored in files called uploaders. You can download and then upload your media without having to save any torrent files. The media file is saved in the uploader. If you have a maximum download speed of 10 Mbps (don’t worry if you don’t), you can download a maximum of 1 MB of files per second. All torrents in LimeTorrents are not saved by the uploader.

Why LimeTorrents disappeared

It’s true, LimeTorrents went MIA on 11th August 2009. It was a cold summer night when the limeTorrents team announced its departure. The reason why they left? It’s a long story. If you want to know more about what happened, here’s a link.

Why do I need this

In order to provide you with “up-to-date” knowledge about BitTorrent technology, we will be uploading on this page links related to BitTorrent technology. We’ll be posting links related to

BitTorrent client, software, client modifications, TorrentFreak features, Plugins, etc. It’s as simple as that. You’ll learn something new. Advertisements In the future, we will upload more articles related to BitTorrent, TorrentFreak, and more.

  • Limetorrents is a secured website that may be too
  • Choose from more options below.
  • No adverts
  • 1 Month Free
  • 12 Months Monthly Free
  • 6 Months Free
  • Teaser – Share it if you know anyone with a LimeTorrent account.
  • Tip Jar: 0.25 BTC – 2 BTC

What is LimeTorrents and what does it do?

LimeTorrents is a simple and fast BitTorrent client for Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX. It offers a fast, safe and easy way to download files from peers and sites. The company was established in 2007. LimeTorrents provides a variety of features that you can’t find in another client such as:

Benefits of using a VPN

It is very important to know that when you browse the internet anonymously, there are numerous benefits. The first one is no extra charges on bandwidth. Secondly, you can do more at the same speed. Thirdly, you can do things you couldn’t before without having to think about whether or not Another person is downloading a file from you. You’ll know if it’s from your ISP or some other peer. Finally, you can be sure that nobody can know how much you’re using the bandwidth at the moment.

Use Proxy Sites to Increase Traffic

Web proxies serve a critical purpose in reducing the legal risk that you face on the Internet. Proxy websites may be used by all types of organizations, individuals, and government agencies. Proxy sites have become increasingly popular for many of these groups and agencies for a variety of reasons.

Providing the right tools to access blocked content and mask your identity makes proxy sites one of the best ways to move around web censorship. They may also help you bypass site blocking and access some sites in countries where hosting providers block access. Furthermore, the most common use of proxy sites is the same as their underlying purpose –

access to blocked content. This can be done by VPNs or proxy sites which have the ability to bypass the ban on streaming movies from some websites such as torrent sites. There are a variety of online tools to help you get free access to proxy sites. We strongly recommend that you only use sites that are free and reliable.

LimeTorrent Tips and Tricks for beginners user

● Is LimeTorrents compatible with Mac OSX?

● In short, yes. LimeTorrents is compatible with Mac OSX.

● How do I install LimeTorrents on Mac OSX?

1. Download the LimeTorrents Torrent client: Download the 

2. LimeTorrents installation file:

3. mkdir LimeTorrents/Setup cd LimeTorrent/Setup.

4. Chmod +x LimeTorrents/Setup.

5. LimeTorrentsSetup1 month subscription available for just $4.95

For more discounts, follow the online store below.


  • 1-Month $4.95
  • 2-Month $9.95
  • 3-Month $19.95
  • 4-Month $29.95
  • Aqua Yonder for LimeTorrents Price (ASP)
  • Free period: between 1 and 2 months.
  • During this period you can share files up to 2GB each day.

Also, you can use the premium account to manage your file storage.

similar alternative torrent



We are happy to recommend Aqua Yonder to new users who are looking for a simple and fast file downloading program.

With all of the above said, we hope that you can use the website and see it for yourself. If you have any questions or comments about this article, please let us know in the comments section below. Have fun using LimeTorrents and let us know your comments below.

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