LucidSound LS31 wireless headset review:

LucidSound LS31 wireless headset review:

The LS31 Remote Gaming Headset from LucidSound is a fantastic venture on the off chance that you’re hoping to play your number one games without being fastened to your PC or control center by wires and without burning through many dollars on top-of-the-line gear even utilized consistently. While the headset might not have the most elevated constancy sound on the planet, it’s far superior to whatever else you can get at this cost, and it’s extraordinarily agreeable and lightweight, so you wouldn’t fret wearing lucidsound ls31 remote headset for quite a long time at a time!

Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull size
Connectivity TechnologyWireless 
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Frequency Response20 Hz20 Hz
Sensitivity 97 dB
Impedance32 Ohm32 Ohm
Diaphragm2 in2 in
Microphone Technology  
Response Bandwidth  
Weight12.52 oz12.52 oz
Battery Life15-hour (s)15-hour (s)

LS31 Wireless Bass

High-Bass5.65 dB
Low-Bass-1.23 dB
Low-Frequency Extension24.84 Hz
Mid-Bass4.5 dB
Std. Err.4.14 dB

LS31 Wireless Battery

Audio while chargingYes
Battery Life16.9 hrs
Battery TypeRechargeable
Charge Time3.2 hrs
Passive PlaybackYes
Power Saving FeatureNo

LS31 Wireless Bluetooth

Bluetooth VersionN/A
Multi-Device PairingN/A
NFC PairingN/A

LS31 Wireless Breathability

Avg. Temp.Difference5.7 C

LS31 Wireless Cable

Connection1/8″ TRRS
Length4.1 ft

The Lucidsound ls31 remote headset:

The lucidsound ls31 remote headset is an extraordinary gaming headset that offers magnificent sound quality and solace. It’s viable with the Nintendo Switch, PC, and cell phones, pursuing it is an incredible decision for any gamer. The form quality is incredible, and the battery duration is great. The main disadvantage is that the mic could be better. The LucidSound LS31 is an incredible gaming headset and a superb venture for any gamer. It has magnificent sound quality, highlights similarities with the entirety of your gadgets, and incorporates an enduring battery.

It’s quite possibly the best headset available today. You will love this buy! You ought to think about getting a couple of remote earphones on the off chance that you want another set of earphones for your control center or PC. Wired choices might give you better sound quality at times, yet they’re substantially more unwieldy than remote sets like these from lucid sound ls31 remote. On account of their low inactivity execution (just .5ms), you can utilize them with many control centers without issue, including Xbox One, PS4 Genius/Thin/Strong/Move/VR, and Nintendo Switch.

They additionally incorporate two drivers for each ear cup for unrivaled sound precision and clearness at high volume levels (reasonable for cutthroat gaming). The headband and ear cups are adaptable paddings for the greatest solace during long play meetings. They’ve likewise got many frequencies, which will assist with offsetting different game classes. Whether you need blasting bass or fresh highs and mids, this set covers it. In addition, the included remote transmitter will work flawlessly with the Nintendo Switch, on account of its restrictive innovation.

Is LucidSound a decent headset?

Is cidsound ls31 remote a decent headset? I would agree that yes. It’s economical, lightweight, and feels solid. The sound quality isn’t on par with a portion of the other remote headsets available, however, it’s superior to most wired gaming headsets under $100. The battery duration truly sold me on this headset. It has a 20-hour battery duration which charges in 3 hours. I think this is the best gaming headset in the cost range at about $80-90 USD. Its sounds are made considering agreeableness. It incorporates delicate ear cushions made of false cowhide and froth. What’s more, you can definitely relax in the event that you get sweat-soaked ears since they have a ventilation framework to keep your ears cool. They likewise have a customizable headband, so it’ll fit all sizes and states of heads.

One thing that annoyed me was the mic being situated on the left rather than the middle or right side where you’d anticipate that it should be – its position could make individuals sound somewhat wrong while recording voice reminders and so forth. However, once more, this is criticized on the grounds that in general, lucid sound ls31 remote turn out great. I found them agreeable to wear for extensive stretches and simple to utilize. I cherished that it was so natural to match up my telephone, tablet, or PC with these remote earphones. You plug the transmitter into your earphone jack and afterward turn on Bluetooth mode on your gadget. Then return to settings and select LS 31 as your sound gadget. From that point forward, you’re all set.

Plan and Development:

As referenced before, the sound ls31 remote headset is your common remote headset that can work with gadgets at the same time. The L31 has Bluetooth, so it will work with any gadget as long as it has Bluetooth. It’s general in that sense and how you can utilize the headset.

You can utilize it on your control center of decision, PC, or even cell phones like tablets and cell phones. Obviously, this adaptability has a few impediments, however, this headset is ideal for gamers hoping to put resources into a drawn-out piece of gear. One end is that while it will work with consoles, you will not have the option to utilize their talk capability. Another limit is that while it will chip away at computers, every one of the controls (quiet button, volume) should be gotten to through Windows settings. Any remaining principles are made through buttons situated on the earcups.

They counteract sound well and don’t release sound by the same token. There’s a disadvantage, however, the bass isn’t perfect. Bass heads may be disheartened by what these earphones offer in regard to bass quality. So, Plan and Development. These headsets are dependable. The materials utilized appear to be solid and top caliber, causing them to feel strong however lightweight. These headsets likewise accompany a hard case for voyaging/stockpiling purposes. As recently referenced, these headsets come furnished with an inline mic and controls, empowering gamers to change volume levels without bobbling through another framework like Windows 10, Xbox One etcetera. For individuals who appreciate gaming both in a hurry and at home, this is wonderful in light of the fact that they won’t ever think twice while they’re messing around in a hurry.

Sound Quality:

The Clear Strong LS31 remote gaming headset is phenomenal speculation for any gamer. It is truly agreeable to wear, has amazing sound quality, and is not difficult to set up and utilize. The main drawback is that it is a piece expensive, yet the item quality compensates for the expense. I enthusiastically prescribe this headset to any gamer searching for an extraordinary remote choice — the LucidSound LS31 remote gaming headset. We began with our number one game in my front room on my PS4. He set up the USB transmitter, stopped one finish of the included USB string into it, and afterward connected the opposite finish to my regulator. Subsequent to connecting each mini headphone, he turned on the power button on the two pieces – they turned on quickly and without any issues at all.

Whenever everything was associated, we returned to playing our game. Despite the fact that the sound was somewhat low right away and required changing on my side, it sounded one of a kind and exact subsequent to changing up a portion of the settings. The headband is wonderful and padded, so it’s not excessively close or free while as yet being sufficiently strong to keep going long haul use and having the option to be changed in size effectively so you can ensure you throw a tantrum regardless of your head size or shape. The ear cups are decent on the grounds that there’s padding around them yet not a lot of where you feel like you’re getting covered by all the material; all things being equal, they think lightweight yet cozy enough for long haul ease.

Could you at any point interface LucidSound to your telephone?

Indeed, you associate lucidsound ls31 remote with your telephone. If you have any desire to game on your PC or Macintosh and furthermore need to at the same time accept approaches your telephone. Then you can likewise plug the miniature USB rope into your control center regulator, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or PS Vita, and it will work remotely. The battery-powered battery endures 10 hours for each charge which is ideal for while you’re gaming long-distance race meetings. The earphones are so lightweight I scarcely notice them while playing, which is extraordinary on the grounds that they don’t hinder my ongoing interaction. Furthermore, the best part is that the sound quality is awesome!

The main thing that would improve this is on the off chance that the base was more significant, however even, though it’s not quite so awful as different headsets I’ve attempted previously. With everything taken into account, this is a magnificent venture for any gamer. It is viable with pretty much every control center and gadget out there, it has an amazing battery duration of ten hours, and the sound quality is clear with no obstruction from foundation commotion. The main drawback to this item is that it doesn’t have a strong bass – however, and still, at the end of the day, that could be great for individuals who should be more mindful of their environmental elements. Hence, I suggest purchasing a sound ls31 remote headset!

Does the clear sound ls31 remote have Bluetooth?

Lucidsound ls31 remote has Bluetooth, however, it isn’t the essential power source. The headset has an inherent battery, enduring as long as 18 hours on a solitary charge. The battery duration can be reached by utilizing the three included USB links and their comparing charging stations. I appreciated that this item was viable with both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It likewise includes an inline control board with a receiver so you can accept calls without intruding on your interactivity. The mouthpiece is likewise retractable, so you can rapidly quiet it when important.

Generally speaking, this is perhaps the best headset I’ve at any point utilized. They were agreeable, lightweight, and direct to set up. The sound quality was astounding, and they never cut out during my gaming meetings. My main protest would be that occasionally the ear cups were too huge for my head. Notwithstanding, I still energetically suggest this item due to its usability and brilliant sound quality. These earphones will function admirably for any gamer, no matter what their ability level. On the off chance that you are searching for a great headset with a solid network and superb sound, these are awesome!

Should you buy the LucidSound LS31 headset?

The LucidSound LS31 proceeds with the organization’s record of regard for quality, with strong materials and a focus on solace. The sound experience is brilliant by and large, and keeping in mind that the mouthpiece is a piece frustrating, it’s tolerable for general use.

Where I’d very much want to see LucidSound improve is in its PC programming, or all things considered, scarcity in that department. It’d be ideal to acquire the capacity to control how noisy the sidetone is without campaigning for a firmware update, and the EQ helping highlights feel somewhat repetitive. By and large, however, in the event that you need something in this cost range that can work across Xbox, PC, and PlayStation 4, this is an extraordinary item that will not dishearten.

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