Parlez Clothing: Sweats, Hoodies, Jackets, Tees, Shorts

Parlez Clothing: Sweats, Hoodies, Jackets, Tees, Shorts

British fashion brand Parlez launched in 2012 and is quickly becoming a trusted brand. Cav, a skater, and Keen sailor were the brains behind the Bristol-based Parlez brand, which got inspiration from the city’s rich naval history and skate culture. Their designs inspire by 1990s fashion and employ simple, centrally placed stitching on the front of their garments for some simple yet effective branding that is both simple and effective. You can wear a piece of this brand whether you’re a skater, a fan of minty fresh shirts, or if you’re on a ship and want to take the wheel.

Parlez clothing introduces a new collection of styles and shapes with each new season. In addition to the more common stitching design, graphic chest and back printing is increasingly popular this brand of t-shirts. Because they construct entirely of cotton, these brand t-shirts will remain in good condition for many years.

Shirts and Hoodies

Sweatshirts and hoodies by Parlez create in Portugal from 100 percent environmentally friendly organic cotton. They have a 300gsm weight and are of excellent quality, with all the usual Parlez design features present and correct. This season, look no farther than the Seabreeze Hoody for streetwear hoodies fresh from the United Kingdom.

Sportswear shirts

With a modern sportswear touch in each of their cut and stitch goods, Parlez continues to take things to the next level. This season’s Parlez Color Black Shirt is a must-have classic shirt.

Parlez’s Favorites

A shirt with Biscay stripes by Parlez in grey and white this shirt mix between a worker’s jacket and a polo, and it is a mistake for either because it composes of heavy, 100% brushed cotton flannel. Thanks to the maritime blue and white color scheme, this piece is easy to style. Dress it up or down by pairing it with a white t-shirt.

Zip-Up Jumper in Off White Tone

It is no surprise that off-white was selected as the year’s color in 2018. It’s one of the most comfortable things you’ll ever wear due to the 16ounces of fabric used in the manufacturing of this 1/4-zip jumper. It is particularly well suited for use throughout the cooler months of the year.

Coach Jacket in Chesapeake Wool

It played around with the traditional coach jacket shape to make this coach jacket stand out, making it boxier and shortening the body to achieve the desired effect. That’s even before because it is made entirely of wool and is manufactured in England.


It is the most famous brand. It wears in winter condition. They prepare with organic cotton. So it is available in all colors. This shirt is a short sleeve. The monogram prints on the chest.


The color of this shirt is white. It is available in all sizes. The price of this shirt is low. It is made of cotton. The quality of this cotton is good. On the back of this shirt, a design was made. It is also a half sleeve shirt. 

Sailing Jacket NAVY ALMANAC

This jacket is made of Nylon Taslan. Nylon Taslan uses to create a vintage 80’s sailing jacket silhouette. Two Side Entry Pockets are made on this shirt. So the price of this shirt is $ 120. These jackets are available in all sizes. So they are available in many colors.


The color of this cap is blue. So snap-back six-panel hat with embroidered hooks and an adjustable strap made of durable cotton. It is available at a low price. 

Aim of Parlez Brand

The aim of this brand is straightforward: to make high-quality sportswear and streetwear at an accessible price while using as little branding as possible in the process. For the most part, the clothing of this brand allows a tight line between easy streetwear and well-cut sweaters and shirting that are suitable for a more sophisticated situation. If you’re looking for a fantastic cotton shirt with a lovely 1990s design, feel to it, or a quarter zip that looks and feels significantly better than the competition, you’ve come to the right place.

The streetwear industry has its own unique culture. The level of publicity a streetwear label receives is directly related to its success. But the rise in popularity of particular streetwear labels typically leads to their death. Long-term exposure gets much worse than not being known at all. 

While some of the most interesting streetwear labels are well-known to the fashion industry, others are less well-known to the general public, despite their widespread popularity. Discovering a new brand is an exciting experience, and it’s even better when you get to wear it yourself. 

Future of Parlez Brand

Parlrez brand is celebrating its 10 anniversary. The performance of the song “Thekla” will take place on June 3rd at Thekla, and it will begin at 7:00 p.m. A large number of well-known name features in this grouping, and more may add in the following weeks as well. Come down to the event and take advantage of the complimentary beverages and merchandise. That’s why they also sign many agreements.

All our jerseys (hoodies, 14 zips, and sweatshirts) creates at 300gsm using sustainable or recycled technologies while preserving the pricing that our customers expect from us. Because future seasons will see the introduction of some new cut and sew jersey pieces that we believe will connect with our core client.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What inspired the creation of Parlez?

Sportswear and marine characteristics use to create pared-back pieces that are functional and understated in design. The brand’s mission creates classics with a historical and outdoor feel that is also “streetwear-inspired.”

What countries produce the Parlez clothing brand?

As a result, the shape of a classic coach jacket changes, making it more square and shortening the chest. So it is made of 100% wool. All types of clothes of this brand are manufactured in England.

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