PCNOK Benefits Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma Review

PCNOK Benefits Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma Review

If you are living in Oklahoma and worried about your health. Do you know about PCNOK? What facilities are providing of PCNOK? You are not worried about us providing all the information, who helped in care of health.

What is PCNOK healthcare service?

The PCNOK stands for Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, it has nonprofit organization that provides support and resources for patients and health. This organization was developed in 2000 in based city Oklahoma.
PCNOK is an organization that helps doctors more easily collaborate and share ideas, so they can provide the best care for their patients. The organization offers many services and benefits to its member institutions, including helping primary care patients from disease including covid-19. This network will enable better care and services across the state, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. In 2019 due to restriction to movement and social distancing PCNOK helped to people the prevention from covid 19. There are 25 employees working in the Patient Care Network and provide the facilities to care of health with working hard. 
In 2020-21 organization extremely provides the better health care in Oklahoma City is known as primary care network. What are the aims and benefits of this organization are discuss below. So want to known stay on this page we provided all of it.

What are major aims of Patient Care Network(PCNOK)?

In 2021 the organizations released, press release where it clear the aims of Patient Care Network in the field of human for better health care providing.

Patient information:

Patient Care Network offers a variety of educational materials and resources for patients and families, including information about specific medical conditions, treatment options, and how to access the health care system.

Supporting groups:

PCNOK offers support groups for patients and families dealing with specific medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. These groups provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals can share their experiences and provide emotional and practical support to each other.

Networking connects:

PCNOK has networking connections that connect patients, families, and healthcare providers with each other and with other organizations that can provide additional support and resources.
In some other aims and belief of Patient Care Network are that healthcare should be easy to access with high quality at a minimum cost. Due to this benefit, it develops mutual contracting interests. Patient Care Network mainly focuses on clinics, hospitals, and physicians.

How to work of Patient Care Network(PCNOK)?

A Patient Care Network is a technology solution implemented in the field of medical science. As top mentioned, this feature allows close monitoring of the health care of patients undergoing distance at home or forward away from the hospital. PCNOK technology solutions include various clinical technology devices connected to medical networks and systems. Patient Care Networks technology is intended for healthcare professionals who care for discharged patients or those suffering from painful chronic conditions specially covid-19 patients.
Patient Care Network worked on the bases of remotely if the patient can not come to hospital.

What are the benefits of Patient Care Network(PCNOK)?

The Patient Care Network provide more benefits of the people of Oklahoma City and all of the world. Some major benefits are given below:

Benefits for patient:


From the comfort of your own home, this network ensures that each patient receives the best possible care. The network tracks patients, monitors them, and intervenes when necessary.

Benefits for family members:

This allows the patient to remain safe and strong during treatment, family patient to take free control of their health in critical situations, thereby saving their lives. It inspires appropriate treatment and follows it to adopt an appropriate patient lifestyle. With Patient Care Network, family members have assured certainty towards the promptly detect and deal with health issues.

Benefits of Professional doctors:

The Patient Care Network are providing all in all professional doctors, every category has specialized. No one has that not expert in own field. 

Some other benefits of PCNOK are:

  • Provide finest treatment
  • Using of modern technology devices
  • Expert team
  • Reducing the gap between patient and doctors

What are the organization member of PCNOK?

There are many organizations who are the member of it. Member organization list are given below,

  • Family Medical Center of Oklahoma Inc.
  • Community Health Connection Inc.
  • Panhandle Health and Counseling Center.
  • Community Health Centers Inc.
  • Caring Hands Healthcare Centers Inc.
  • Shortgrass Community Health Center Inc.
  • Northeast Oklahoma Community Health Center.
  • Health centers of Arkansas Verdigris Valley
  • Family Health Center East Central Oklahoma.
  • Pushmataha Family Medical Center, Inc.
  • Stigler Wellness and Health Center, Inc.
  • Great Salt Plains Health Center.
  • Kiamichi Family Medical Center Inc.
  • Morton Comprehensive Health Services Inc.
  • Lawton Community Health Center.

Why is PCNOK better than some other primary care network?

There are many other organizations are worked in caring of the health for people. Including some other networks are Maxim Home Health Care, Pushmataha Family Medical Center etc. These providers may include doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who work with patients to ensure they receive the right care in the right place at the right time.
Patient Care Network typically focuses on preventive care and chronic disease management, and also coordinates referrals to specialists and other health care providers as needed. Additionally, PCNOK can provide patients with virtual care and telemedicine services.

The Patient Care Network provide wide range of services. It includes:

  • Primary care
  • Child care
  • Behavioral care
  • Dental care
  • Diagnosis of disease
  • Health education

What are the weakness point of PCNOK?

No doubt they provide more benefits but some weakness point is given below:
In terms of employee income, PCNOK’s employee income is lower than the industry average.
Compared to the industry average, PCNOK’s revenue growth is modest.
Fewer employees working in an organization slows employee growth.
PCNOK’s revenue growth differential is higher than the industry average.

Final Verdict:

Patient Care Network social organizations provide health care facilities in Oklahoma with modern technology devices at less price. I hope this article help you to understand the PCNOK, however if you have any questions regarding to PCNOK; mention do in below comment section.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What is meant of PCNOK?
    PCNOK means Patient Care Network.
  2. What is total revenue of PCNOK?
    The total revenue of PCNOK is $1.1 million.
  3. What are number of employees in PCNOK?
    There are 25 total number of employees.
  4. Where is the headquarter of PCNOK?
    The headquarter of PCNOK get located in united states in Oklahoma City. The address is 3000 N Grand Blvd, Oklahoma City, United states.
  5. What is contact number of PCNOK?
    The contact number of PCNOK is 405.657.5776
  6. What facilities are providing of PCNOK?
    PCNOK provide the all health care facilities in hospital and also for home.

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