Polk audio buckle review

Polk audio buckle review


The Polk Audio Buckle headphones are made well and are comfortable to wear. They look and feel expensive and have a dark, bass-heavy sound. Even though they aren’t the most portable headphones, many people find them comfortable. The noise they block out doesn’t get through, but only a little bit.

While Beats headphones are often built to enhance sound waves, the Buckle is set to enhance low frequencies. Thanks to its comprehensive yet thorough response, hip-hop tracks gain weight. The Buckle has a great tone, which will wow you.

Because of their compact size and lightweight, these headphones are good for functionality.

They also have the sound quality known for which Polk is sure to please soundcards everywhere. In this review, we’ll examine the features and functionality of these headphones in further detail.

Polk Audio Buckle – Features and design

Over-ear headphones from Polk Audio’s Heritage Collection include the Buckle. It is available in brown and an off-white hue. They are both semi-classical in style, with a local curve. The headphones provide a strong bass response but do nothing to enhance better tones.

A Buckle is a great option for anyone searching for a durable over-ear headset for home and office use. It’s not great at keeping noise out, but it’s soft and secure. Even though it isn’t as compact as some other models, it performs well for critical listening. While the Polk Audio Buckle isn’t the finest pair of headphones for noise canceling, they are cost-effective and a suitable option for most people.

Polk audio buckle

A part of Polk Audio’s Heritage Collection, the Buckle has a matte metal appearance and is a high-quality wireless Bluetooth speaker. This stylish headset has a guarantee that it lasts forever. The Polk Audio Buckle is a flat-midrange headphone with an excellent bass range, making for a transparent and natural listening experience. In addition, a wireless version is on the market.

Polk Audio Buckle – Comfort

Over-ear headphones with a small, portable design, the Polk Audio Buckle-Comfort headphones are an excellent option. They don’t fold up neatly without a case, but the cotton pouch they come with keeps them safe from dents and scrapes. However, the pouch will not safeguard your headphones from accidental bumps or falls.

Additionally, the Polk Audio Buckle headphones provide an exceptional level of comfort. They pivot at the crown and feature cushioned ear pads. There is a nice fabric pouch that includes them as well. These headphones are from Polk Audio’s Heritage Collection and come with a mic so you can take calls without taking them out of your headphones.

 The internal resonances of the Buckle headphones are sometimes set out with the help of an allow the user and dynamic balancing adjustment. The 40 mm drivers employ electro-acoustic engineering for superior sound reproduction.

Polk Audio Buckle Performance

Polk Audio Buckle headphones provide solid bass and highs. The headband has a lot of padding. The headphones also have a good way to use the controls. There is a switch for the volume and another for basic functions.

The Buckle isn’t the most powerful over-ear headphones, but they’re a great choice for those who value timeless design. They have soft ear pads and a soft leather headband. There’s a swivel feature in the ear cups so that you may listen to your tunes from any position. Not only are they long-lasting, but so is the warranty that backs them up forever.

Polk Audio Buckle Sound quality

In general, the sound quality of buckle headphones is the same when heard through speakers. B buckles don’t have the “punch” of strong highs and deep mids to speak the truth. For these reasons, bass-heavy music is not the best fit for the Buckles. Their sound is a little less clear, especially in the mid-range—a lack of edge in the music.

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), a metric for distorting sound, is another area in which Buckles and headphones differ. Despite its frequency, a 3% THD is considered optimal for speakers. Low-frequency noise is 400 Hz, and sub-bass frequencies are high to 82 DB.

The Buckles have a flatter frequency response and less emphasis on higher mids and highs, making them ideal for the studio. However, buckles’ audio quality only suffers from a lack of emphasis in some frequencies. Unfortunately, this issue is only discernible in a professional recording environment.


The Polk Audio Buckle has above-average noise isolation, but it could be better. They don’t block out sound in the bass range and release sound at 360 Hz. If you can’t stand sounds with a high pitch, you shouldn’t buy these headphones.

These headphones have an unbuckled microphone and a made of mice, and they’re both comfortable and fashionable. There’s a 3.5mm jack for headphones on the headsets, too. The Polk Audio Buckle comes in wireless and Ethernet configurations and is with a co-design fort. These headphones are cost-effective and should fit into most people’s budgets.

 Benefits of using Polk audio buckle headphones

  • An environment free of irritating noises where you can enjoy your music nonstop.
  • They’re soft and supple, so even long wear won’t bother your feet.
  • These headphones reduce wear and tear, making them less likely to cause discomfort.
  • You can count on the reliability of your Polk audio buckle headphones.
  • They are cheap and quite useful for the money.
  • Polk audio buckle headphones are a perfect choice if you want to listen to your music without any distractions from the outside world.
  • They’re also soft and comfortable so that you can wear them for hours without pain.
  • The headphones’ construction aids in avoiding weariness.

How do these Polk Audio Buckle headphone works?

The headphones from Polk Audio Buckle have excellent sound quality. There are two drivers in the headphones, one for weekly tops and another for lows. What lets the headphones make sounds that are clear and quite well? The headphones also have a sound level feature that makes background noise less noticeable.


The Buckle is a great addition to the type of playmaker over-ear headphones because they successfully combine a laid-back look and sound with rich definition and lots of power. Although we feel that Polk Audio’s Buckle is expensive at $250, at their current internet price of $200, they make for an appealing option in a very competitive market.

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