Rattan: Types and Uses That You Need to Know

Rattan: Types and Uses That You Need to Know

Rattan is another sustainable material that you can use both indoors and outdoors. This plant belongs to the Palm tree family and grows slender in certain regions such as Asia.

It also looks like bamboo but grows on a trailing vine in nature. This plant is quite durable and flexible, making it an excellent material for various applications.

This article will educate you on this material’s properties and societal applications.

Types of Rattan 

Cane Rattan

The can is the layer beneath the dry sheath when you remove it. After you peel the cane, you process the peelings into long strands. Because of the cane’s durability and flexibility, it’s common to see one in the back of a chair. Furthermore, because of their natural luster, cane rattans are easier to clean and do not require extensive varnishing.

Synthetic Rattan


Do not be misled; synthetic rattans are merely imitations of the real thing. They make this product look like rattan, commonly used for outdoor decorations. This rattan came from Polyethylene, the same material used in PET bottles.

Nevertheless, you will never be able to distinguish between the fake and the genuine because both serve their purpose and are durable. However, this material is more likely to withstand outdoor elements than natural materials and is more prevalent among people.

Reed Rattan

Reed in the interior of the rattan plant, most likely the core. This type is more permeable to water and rubbery than the plant’s cane layer. This kind, however, is prone to stains but is likely more absorbent than synthetics. Most wicker furniture ornamental adornments, such as curls and swirls, are made from reed rattan.

Uses of Rattan


Rattans furniture is the most popular item made from rattan. This is because this material is a good source of durability and one of the most environmentally friendly elements. Furthermore, because of the material’s flexibility, you can make anything out of it and shape it however you want.

Tables, chairs, beds, and stools are just a few examples of furniture that will work well in your home. These materials are also the source to make other items such as television racks, cabinets, and even bathroom storage.

Home Decorations

Home decorations are another popular rattan-made product. You can use this textile to make various items, such asĀ rattan lamp, headboards, woven baskets, storage boxes, and more. This material is also well-known in the interior design industry because it adds a unique aesthetic to spaces such as homes and offices.

It is more adaptable and provides an excellent neutral element that will make a space look simple yet elegant. Rattan products go very well with beach houses and modern designs that want a countryside vibe. You can find rattan-made beds, sofas, chairs, and stools in many local stores cheaper than those wooden items.

Wall Art

Rattans is a good material for a wall accent by creative minds and those who enjoy DIY art. As previously stated, these materials are adaptable enough to serve as a work of art. They can put it as it is on the wall or choose to make styles out of it. Furthermore, it is easier to style this element; you can paint it in whatever colors you want.

The Key Takeaway

Rattan-made products give your space a new look that sets it apart from the rest. Rattans are comfortable and add a sense of neutrality to any room. Because it comes from natural materials, it can create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. Furthermore, this style is likely less expensive than other furniture available in your local market.

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