Rebecca Soteros, Wiki, Biography, Age, Family …

Rebecca Soteros, Wiki, Biography, Age, Family …

Rebecca Soteros is the ex-girlfriend of famous Hollywood actor Late. She is an extremely patient and smart person who has had numerous highs and lows in her life before her romance with Paul Walker. Paul Walker became well-known for his role in the cult film series “The Fast and the Furious.”

Rebecca as well as Paul met in California and began their relationship in the early part of 1998. Rebecca was pregnant with Meadow as they were in a relationship. Her decision to offer marriage to him while the couple was only 25 years young influenced Paul’s choice.

Rebecca moved to Hawaii after her divorce. Her parents raised her in Hawaii by Meadow who lived in Hawaii until she reached 13. Rebecca decided to end their relationship.

Rebecca was a bit different and had a story to tell about her experience of drinking. She relocated to California to be closer to the child she is raising, Meadow when she was an outcome of the custody dispute she had with Cheryl Ann, her father’s mother. settlement. Since that time, she has lived with Meadow in California together with Meadow. Rebecca is a participant in Meadow’s charitable endeavors in honor of Paul.

Check out the full biography to find out more about her age, her boyfriend, net worth, Rebecca Soteros’s career as well as her ethnicity, and much more.

Biography of Rebecca Soteros  

Soteros was born in 1974. Rebecca was born in California, USA. She is 47 years old. Her childhood was in California. Her family was modest. She was living her daily life as any normal girl would. Instead of dancing or performing her show, she focuses on her studies. When she was a child, she did exceptionally well at school academically. 

Her parents and her brother stayed in contact with her throughout her life, and continue to be there for her in every single one of her challenges. Rebecca’s father took her to an exclusive school in California called Christian K-12 School which is also called Village Christian School. Later in 1992, she enrolled in university to earn an undergraduate degree.

Professional Career 

Soteros is an educator and instructor in her profession. But she has been in the spotlight solely because she was Paul Walker’s lover and mother of his son. In addition, she hasn’t talked extensively about herself and prefers to live an intimate life. 

We do know that she was once employed as a teacher and remains in that teaching profession. Furthermore, we also recognize that she is actively taking part in philanthropic endeavors. She also has been a major contributor of her time to the Paul Walker Foundation, a non-profit foundation founded by their daughter in the year 2015.

Physical Measurements of Rebecca Soteros

Physical beauty is a reflection of how your favorite celebrities are concerned about their appearance and fitness. We are awestruck by the ability to follow and imitate our idol’s size, weight, hairstyle, eye color, clothing, and just about everything else. We’re aware of it. Rebecca Soteros has a height of about 165 centimeters. The weight is 55 kg. Weight is a variable value. This is the most current amount of weight 

right now. The hair color is dark brown and the eye color is hazel.

Rebecca’s Parents

Rebecca’s parents include Mark and Julie Ann Soteros. Her mother passed away in 2004. The parents of Rebecca also have their son named Joshua Soteros, who is Rebecca’s younger brother.

Rebecca Soteros children

Rebecca Soteros shares a daughter with Paul Walker. Their daughter was born in Northern California, California on November 4, 1998.

After Rebecca took custody of Meadow, Meadow was granted full custody and she moved to Hawaii with her mother. Her godfather was, with whom she co-starred in a street racing action film.

Following her mother’s drinking problems, she moved in with her father to California. She left her mother’s custody. She moved in with her father for two years and later returned to her mother’s care.

Relationships of Rebecca Soteros 

Rebecca was once involved in a relationship with Paul William Walker IV, who was her boyfriend at the time. He is an actor in his native United States. He is most well-known for his part as Brian O’Conner in the Fast and Furious film series. Their first encounter took place in the year 1998. They began to date shortly thereafter. Rebecca was very serious about their relationship, but Paul was not so sure. Rebecca reminded him of his former girlfriend. The woman even came up to him to ask to marry him, but he refused the purpose. 

Despite their relationship being casual, Paul and Rebecca had an infant together. Meadow Rain Walker is a young lady born on the 4th day of November 1998. His lack of interest and dedication in turn caused her to break the relationship and begin an entirely fresh life with her daughter in Hawaii together with their daughter. 

Cause of her boyfriend’s death

Paul Walker, age 40, died in Santa Clarita on November 30, 2013. The physical injuries in the single-vehicle collision were the cause of death.

Paul Walker was preparing for an auto show just before his death.

He founded Always Evolving, a high-end vehicle shop in Valencia. Pro-am racer Paul Walker was also the founder. Rodas was the CEO.

Paul Walker had a huge collection of cars that included around 30 vehicles, including a few that he owned jointly together with Rodas. In an annual auction of cars in Arizona Twenty-one vehicles owned by Paul Walker were sold for an estimated $2.33 million.

Rebecca Soteros is currently

After the passing of her ex-boyfriend Paul Walker, Rebecca is no longer in the spotlight.

Rebecca quit teaching during her pregnancy after the birth of her baby and broke up with Walker She moved to Hawaii Hawaii, where she returned to teaching.

After Paul died in a horrendous car accident in 2013 there were a lot of disputes over the Soteros family and the daughter of Paul.

The mother of the actor, Cheryl Walker, applied for guardianship of Meadow at the age of 15 years old.

But, Rebecca won the legal custody battle, and she moved into Meadow Walker to raise her. To do this, she finished her alcohol rehabilitation program.

Rebecca assists Meadow with her charitable works.

Net worth

Rebecca started teaching after graduating from college. Due to her ex-love Paul Walker’s death, Rebecca was thrust into the limelight. She maintained her low-key life in the spotlight. The public is unaware of her annual earnings and net worth. This isn’t unusual considering her status as a celebrity. Rebecca believes to have an estimated net value of 15 million dollars, as per reports. The driver of the vehicle in which Paul Walker died also agreed to pay Meadow an amount valued at US $10.1 million, as per Meadow.


Rebecca was never married, according to credible online sources. The exact amount of her wealth isn’t yet known. The reports indicate that she is having one child before and after her

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