Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is synonymous with quality. Discover how a vision led to the company’s humble beginnings and transformed a tiny one-store operation into a worldwide brand.

If you’re like me, hearing the word Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory fills your mouth with anticipation of the chocolatey deliciousness. Visit any company-owned shops, and you’ll immediately be enveloped by the warm mountain air and the delicious scents of caramel, chocolate, toffee fudge, toffee, and many more.

It’s likely that if you’ve visited renowned destination cities in the US or Canada, you’ve visited at least one of its more than 250 sites. The company has outlets across the globe. Rocky Mountain Chocolate started as a tiny one-store operation in a small mountain tourist town.

Historical Background of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is a chocolate producer with operations across the United States, the Philippines, Panama, and the United Arab Emirates. There also internationally-based franchisees, retailers, and franchisees. The company’s headquarters is in the charming, historic town of Durango, located in the western portion of the Rocky Mountains in southwestern Colorado. The facility has 53,000 square feet of manufacturing space. So the company produces a wide range of premium chocolate confectionery and other confectionery items to be sold to the many franchises that are delivered fresh from their fleet of refrigeration trucks.

The factory produces around 300 chocolate candies and other confectionery products using recipes created exclusively by the master candy maker. The products made up of various caramels, clusters, meltaways, chocolates, and chocolates that mold. The individual stores make a range of candy apples and caramel and chocolate products, such as Fudge, and other confections, with the client’s full attention, using traditional cooking utensils, such as copper kettles, gas-powered stoves, and marble slabs and cooling tables.

With only the most exquisite recipes developed and refined by the master chocolatier himself. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory produces many delicious tasting sweets like nuts, caramel-covered apples, buttercreams, fudges, and chocolate bars, as well as non-native-tasting truffles and chocolates that have been molded.

The best-selling sweets you won’t discover in other stores are the Company’s signature product, the Bear(TM), which is the size of a paw, with a combination of chewy caramel roasting nuts and a rich layer of rich chocolate. In addition, the Bucket(TM) is the king-sized peanut buttercup that is truly delicious. The two are both available as a 3 oz. Gift tower.

The Company also came up with an entirely new sugar-free line of sweets that caters to those who have very strict dietary restrictions but still need to satisfy their appetites.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory also offers sweets in elegant packaging, decorative bags, and baskets, accompanied by a present elegant card. These are ideal for giving away at special events or as corporate giveaways.

If you’re still needing an ornament for your stocking or two that screams “Christmas in Colorado” like the chewy caramel, roasted peanuts, and a thick layer of chocolate. Perhaps a King-sized peanut butter cup appropriately names”the “Bucket. (TM)”

What Makes Us Unique

The Huge fan of Handmade Chocolate Perfection

Quality People and Quality Products

“The number one factor is the quality of the product,” Crail CEO, and President. As a sign of respect, Crail proudly points to the cover of Money magazine on his office wall that shows Rocky Mountain Chocolate winning the highly sought-after 3-heart rating during the blind tasting test. 

Customers can smell Fudge or caramel bubbling away in the traditional copper kettle on a gas-fired stove. So the cook spin an apple that skewers in the boiling caramel or watchmaking fudge right with their own eyes. The most memorable thing people remember is about the moment.”

Crail is also awestruck by the rising number of franchisees with independent owners who have embraced his idea. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory continues to earn top scores in surveys that evaluate numerous franchise possibilities.

Sweet Moments

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is an exceptional Candy shop franchising opportunity. Because, at RMCF, we’ve always been about more than chocolate. It’s all about the experience. We also appreciate our customers, and one way to achieve this is to make sure that every customer leaves with a smile. As a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchisee, you’ll be taught how to prepare caramel apples and Fudge in the traditional method in the full view of your customer. You’ll use traditional cooking tools like copper kettles for gas-powered stoves and marble slabs for cooling tables. At Chocolate University, you’ll receive the education you need to ensure that you’re offering each customer a memorable experience that keeps them returning to your gourmet chocolate shop.

The Ideal Candidate

We’re looking for franchisees with a passion for Chocolate. Owners must be outgoing and confident in the roles of sales, marketing, or management and are result-oriented. Someone who can establish relationships, manage an entire team, and have the desire and drive to be a success. You need to have at least $70K in liquid capital and be able to finance the building of a store. You must be ready to enjoy sharing your passion for chocolate.

Is Rocky Mountain Chocolate free of gluten?

On its website, most of the products it sells are gluten-free, but they made using machines that may have gluten cross-contamination. Only its single-origin Guittard bars have been verified as completely gluten-free.

Is Rocky Mountain Chocolate produced in Canada?

This is a popular misconception that some people hold because of the Company’s name. When most people think of “rocky mountains,” they are likely to think of Canada. However, they are the Rockies, a huge mountain range that spans the central region of New Mexico through several states before reaching the north of Canada.

No, RMCF is not Canadian. So It’s an American company born and raised in the United States, as the owner and the Company are originally from Small Town, USA.

What is the price of a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchise?

For a franchise to purchase by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, you require at least $70,000 of liquid capital and a value of 250,000 dollars. Franchisees can expect to have an investment total of at most $250,000. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory charges a $35,000 “Franchise Fee.” A $35,000 franchise fee requires. They also provide financing via a third party and discounts to veteran customers ( $10,000 Discount). *

Amazing Facts about Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

  • The recipe for our Fudge was made by Mathematicians who taught the mathematics department at Fort Lewis College.
  • The first chocolates we created were on top of a ping-pong table.
  • The first vehicle we used for delivery was an old VW team cab pickup which remains in our fleet and is running!
  • In the company’s first office, located behind the Gas Light Theaters, chocolate transported by pulleys down to the street level.
  • We will be celebrating our 35th anniversary in May of 2016.
  • Frank Crail, the founder Crail, is still the President and CEO today.
  • The marshmallows we use in the Rocky Road are homemade and handmade.
  • We’re also very proud to make a large portion of our products in-house.

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