What do you know about Say Cheese TV? Latest Information

What do you know about Say Cheese TV? Latest Information

Shawn Cotton was a Blogger and entrepreneur. He founded and runs Say Cheese TV, hip-hop culture and artist-focused entertainment site and platform. He was among the first to see that blogging had waned in importance in favor of social media, and he shifted his concentration to Instagram and YouTube.

He came up with the idea for Say Cheese TV while working at a Best Buy distribution center in Texas in 2011. He resigned from his job with only $27 in his bank account, buying a new computer and registering the domain name SayCheeseTV.com.

Shawn Cotton the founder of Say Cheese TV.

Shawn Cotton is the founder of Say cheese tv. His full name is Shawn Domonique Cotton.

Shawn bore on September 21, 1989, in Philadelphia.

After releasing a video of himself acquiring two plots of land in 2018, he established himself as a role model in the social media world by addressing the pitfalls of spending money on tangible goods that depreciate in value.

He uploaded a selfie of himself and his father at a Philadelphia game in April 2018 after surprising him with court-side seats. He is close to his mother and elder sister, and he surprised them by paying their rent for Christmas in 2017.

Professional career of Shawn Cotton

On December 25, 2010, Shawn created his first youtube channel, SAY CHEESE! In a matter of weeks, he had amassed a sizable following on YouTube after launching a channel and publishing rap-related content such as interviews. “Twin gets in on Say Cheese Tv” was the title of his debut youtube video, which he uploaded in November 2011.

The video titled “Rapper fires Assault Rifle during song video” has received over 10 million views on his youtube channel. So far, his most popular YouTube videos have been “Soulja Boy shows off almost $900,000 in exotic automobiles!” “Gee Money says NBA Youngboy is upset at me about his sister, and he and I will not collaborate in the music industry.” Many more. This video has received more than three million views.

Shawn cotton Goals

My coworkers and I have realized that many individuals are fixated on quality rather than quantity in the age of the internet. Still, the trend is shifting to emphasize quantity rather than quality. Because people aren’t reading, we have to make things more accessible. Our audience doesn’t read long posts, so we cut back on writing and instead focused on churning out more frequent updates. Bloggers have taught me that no one will read it if you put all of yourself into a post.

There is still a long way to go before I consider myself successful. I’m so pumped up because I feel like I have a long way to go compared to the folks that inspire me.

Advice to the young entrepreneur

Maintaining a steady routine. I stopped going out, I stopped going clubbing, and I started wearing the same outfits over and over again. But not for want of funds; rather, I was putting money aside for a more significant purchase. It was just a matter of self-control and learning to say “no” when people asked to go out with me. For items like new clothes, I just saved money. Unlike many other young entrepreneurs, I’ve mastered the art of detaching myself from the pressure of competing with others. Many folks attempt to keep up with what’s going on and get so engrossed in the picture. Getting where you want to go requires self-discipline. For all of your undesirable behaviors, I recommend decreasing them to the greatest extent feasible.

What is Next For Say cheese TV.

As much as I’d want to think about “what’s next,” I’d prefer to keep doing what I’m doing right now simply. There are a lot of questions I get about starting my own record company. There are so many other things I could be doing instead of obsessing over, “Oh, I want SayCheese to be a record label.” SayCheeseTV is one thing, but I try not to focus on it; instead, I go with the flow, and possibilities present themselves. My biggest objective is to continue to change people’s lives, be consistent, and have fun with it.

Shawn Cotton Net Worth

It’s been updated with Shawn Domonique Cotton’s estimated Net Worth and Salary, as well as other relevant information. What is Shawn Domonique Cotton’s net worth in 2022?

Several sources has assessed net worth of Shawn Domonique Cotton, including Wikipedia, Forbes, and other online publications. You can look up information from the prior year, such as net worth, income, and a whole lot more.

An estimate of Shawn Domonique Cotton’s net worth or income ranges anywhere from $1 to $5 million. His major career as an entrepreneur has made him extremely wealthy.

How much is Say Cheese TV Net Worth

It is an American YouTube channel with over 799,000 subscribers. It has been running for 11 years and now has 3157 videos posted.

As of January 2022, Say Cheese TV is a YouTube channel with a net value of $884,000.

Since December 25, 2010, Say Cheese TV has had a YouTube channel.

It has more than $6.72 K monthly income.

Say Cheese TV earns around $1.21 for every 1000 viewers.

Associated with Tay-K   

Tay-K bore on June 16, 2000, in Long Beach, California. His original name is Taymor Travon Mclntyre.

In the days following his arrest for allegedly assaulting a woman, a controversial rapper released a music video for a song called “The Race.” In July of 2017, he dropped a mixtape titled Santana World.

After being accused of capital murder in Texas, U.S marshals apprehended him in New Jersey. He would remove his ankle monitor while under house arrest in the past.

While, In 2015, he started uploading songs to SoundCloud, including “BIFF XANNEN” and “Sly Cooper.”

The YouTube channel Buffet Boys featured him for his “The Race.” Pouya, Fat Nick, and also featured other rappers.

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