Selina tested Lightweight Entertainment Movies

Selina tested Lightweight Entertainment Movies

Selina tested is a thrilling drama series that follows the story of the. Two men are named Chiboy and Aboy. Manuchim praised Odogwu, also known as Odogwu, who composed and directed this action-packed thriller on youtube under the direction of Lightweight Entertainment. Lightweight Entertainment.
Utilizing an idiom called pidgin English as a medium of communication, The show explores various social vices that address issues like gun violence, cultism, murder, drug abuse, kidnapping, and many more. Chiboy and Aboy are the main characters in the movie, set in a tiny town called holy ground. Also called Ama

When Was Selina Tested Release Date

The very first show of Selina Tested was released in April 2021. It first became available on YouTube, the most-viewed internet streaming channel. Since its debut, the drama series has been in the upper echelon of most popular lists on youtube Nigeria. Since its debut, the Port Harcourt-based show has garnered an enormous and loyal fan base.
Many viewers have been swept over by the show’s hilarious language, including your face display or shoe shine. Incredibly, a large portion of the viewers would be able to relate to it since they can relate to their everyday lives on the streets. In the beginning, the premiere episode had more than 1.6 million viewers on YouTube and was among the website’s most-watched episodes.
Episode 21, which premiered in February 2022, has received the highest number of views, with 3.2 million views. Episode 24 premiered in May 2022. More than 3.1 million viewers have viewed it.

Selina Tested was Produce By Lightweight Entertainment

Lightweight Entertainment, a content production company, developed the action-packed drama series. Munachim Praiz, also known as Odogwu, is the creator and author of the cult film and the proprietor of Lightweight Entertainment. Its Lightweight Entertainment film industry began in 2020 with Selina Tested films, including Jagaban and Military street.
Munachim Praiz is the owner of the production company for the film Lightweight Entertainment. Nigerian indie filmmaker from Lkwe, Rivers state. He is an impressive young Nigerian who has had a successful career and has seen millions of Nigeria captivated by the show.

The Drama Series Has Aired 25 Episode So Far

The Selina test is still in its debut season. It has shown 25 episodes to date, with each episode receiving over one million views. The initial attack of the show debuted in April 2021 and has received over 1.6 million viewers. Less than a year later, producers of the Series released their 25th episode in May 2022. This is the latest episode, as of the moment of writing. In just over two weeks, the attack has had more than 2.1 million hits on YouTube.

Where to watch Selina tested Series

The Selina test is now available on YouTube. The drama has yet to air on a television network. It is only accessible on YouTube through the Lightweight Entertainment Youtube channel. The lightweight entertainment channel has 452k subscribers. The fans of the track can avail of free access to the Channel.
You can also join channels with a paid subscription and access membership benefits. There are four membership options for paid subscribers that are available for the Channel:

  • Bronze NGN1500/Month
  • Silver NGN6000/Month
  • Gold NGN 10000/Month

Selina Tested on YouTube. Selina She Tested On YouTube

It is no doubt that streaming and social media services are among the most significant sources of Nigerian film. Nigerian television and film productions are now global films because of their accessibility on streaming and social media platforms. Several decades ago, this wasn’t the case when only a handful of Nigerian movies were selected for international film festivals.
Selina’s test is an excellent example of the power of social media and internet streaming platforms on Nollywood films. The light entertainment production is yet to be shown on any television network and is available only through the YouTube streaming site.

What is it that Nigerians are obsessed with the drama ‘Selina Tested’ series

Without a doubt, the most important factors propelling the Nollywood market today are social media and streaming services. Nigerian films and TV shows are now considered to be a reference within the film industry due to their popularity on streaming and social media platforms. In the past, it was not the scenario when only a handful of Nigerian films made it into the world film festival.
But, the ubiquity of American films has earned them acclaim and awards worldwide. One such film that has profited due to the accessibility to streaming services and social media platforms is the television series “Selina Tested.” It is produced through Lightweight Entertainment; the drama shows the lives of two males, Chiboy and Aboy.
The show examines the various negative aspects of society. Through an approach based on Pidgin English, the show tackled issues like gun violence, cultism, murder, drug addiction, and kidnapping. The rest of the group consists of Aye Otto, Famous Patrick, Mc Prophet, and Manuchim Praize Odogwu. Three wise women: Mimi Nessa, Maryland Nlerum, and Isiguzo. Drela Onyema, DJ Key, and Gabriella Ogbonnaya are other members of the collective.

This drama is still at the top of YouTube Nigeria’s most popular list in the past couple of months.

The production from Port Harcourt has gained a large and loyal fan base since its debut. The show has been a hit with viewers through its hilarious pidgin slang like, “Your face show, your shoeshine.” Additionally, many viewers can relate to the show because it reflects their daily life in cities and rural areas.
The premiere episode, released on April 20, 2021, has earned 1.4M YouTube views. Episode 20, which premiered on January 1, set the record with 2.6M views. There have been 2.5 views for Episode 19 on YouTube. Episode 21 was seen by 2,9 million viewers.
What is it that made Selina Test to be a part of the “IT” series?
Since the show began airing, Selina Tested has also gained a following on Youtube with more than 300 viewers. In addition, the official page of the show’s YouTube channel has more than two thousand followers on Instagram.

Here are the reasons why we believe Nigerians enjoy the show.

Slangs: You can count on Nigerians to get enthralled with the film with many relatable slangs. Nigerians are amazed by how the slang is seamlessly included in conversations. For example, the show’s name is a slang term for bulletproof.
Pidgin English: Selina Tested is a standout in a world where speaking English is standard by deciding to use the dialogue of all characters in the pidgin.
The portrayal of life on the streets: Selina Tested is a standout in a world that is one where speaking English is standard by deciding to use the dialogue of all characters in the pidgin
Realism: As evidenced by the other tweets, the episode makes viewers feel connected to the characters and brings the feeling of reality to the fictitious drama.
Cinematography: Although the production company behind Selina Test is small, to a degree, they manage to deliver the effect, the camera’s movements, as well as other visual elements that are featured in the film.
Moral lessons: It is notable for the themes for adults it depicts. Selina Tested occasionally finds ways to convey an important moral message

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