Tennis Superstar Serena Williams hints at possible retirement in 2022

Tennis Superstar Serena Williams hints at possible retirement in 2022

The world number female lawn tennis star Serene Williams has hinted that she might call it a quit from the games this year 2022 after the US Open. Serena Williams, a mother of a child, turned 40 this year and looking to move away from active sports to venture into some other aspects of life. Serena Williams has won 23 Grand Slam titles. She is second only behind Margaret Court, an American that retired in 1977. Serena has won more titles than any other woman in the professional era of lawn tennis.

She has been ranked No.1 by WTA for 186 consecutive weeks, a record she jointly holds. Serena has won seven Wimbledon titles and 3 French Open titles. Additionally, she has four Olympic gold medals to her name. She is currently the first female tennis player to win a grand slam in both doubles and singles. She won doubles pairing with her elder sister Venus Williams.

In a recent interview, Serena made comments which hinted that she might have to move from playing tennis actively. She is reluctant about the decision, but she has since hinted about stepping a foot or two away from the court to create more opportunities for other younger athletes. Also, She mentioned his love and passion for the game, especially to win, battle, and entertain. She also mentioned that the hates retirement, but it is looking like more of an option now. It is a difficult decision considering that she spent all her life playing tennis. Serena started playing tennis as early as three years, her father was a tennis coach. You can have lots of fun games as well on the NetBet Sport website.

Possible ventures and interests

Earlier in 2022, the tennis superstar made a surprise move by unveiling her diamond jewellery line. Her diamond jewellery is ethically sourced which goes to represent her values and principles as a superstar. K.P Sanghvi, a famous diamond manufacturer will be manufacturing her diamond designs and also ensuring that the diamonds are sourced from conflict-free zones, thus making it ethical.

Reports suggest that Serena might be looking to manage this business fully once she retires from active tennis. The world at large will miss her from the court. Back to her diamond business, Serena has a 70-strong range of diamonds which come in the forms of necklaces and bracelets with unique embellishments and writings such as “winner”, and “queen” inscribed on them. These are luxury brands that you would expect to see among the elites and Hollywood superstars. She is also making earring sets, pave-set signet rings, and dog tags all encrusted with fine diamonds.

Price ranges of products

The diamond products from Serena Williams are priceless collections, which range from as low as $299 to as high as $9,999 per piece. All pieces are premium and are designed to add beauty and luxury to the owner. The diamonds from Serena are designed to depict a strong woman, a true definition of herself, and experiences from all her tournaments and winnings. Serena is proud of her new business and sees it as an avenue to bring a form of joy and sparkle to someone’s life.

So, anyone adorning a piece of her product is aligning with her belief in a strong woman. Eventually, when Serena retires from active tennis, tennis fans all over the other world would miss her. She has been an inspiration and role model to several females aspiring to grow a career in sports. She broke barriers and limits and set new heights for females. Her diamond brand will be a great hit. She has strong followership and fanbase around the globe.

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