Shaiden Rogue Biography Age, Height, Career, Photos

Shaiden Rogue Biography Age, Height, Career, Photos

Shaiden Rogue, a model from Germany, an Instagram star, and a fashion influencer are Shaiden. Globally. She is well-known for her representation in the reality web series Haus Party X-were hat den besten vibe? Many brands have worked with her, including. Emporio Armani Express and Versace, Giorgio Armani, as well as many other brands. Her appearances in magazines like Vogue Elle, glamour, and Vogue Elle are also very popular. Shaiden also has a large fan base on social media platforms. She has also been featured on and collaborated with many social media celebrities, including villa der Liebe and echt Fame, Jonas wutke, and others.

Shaiden Rogue Biography

Shaiden Rogue was the daughter of German parents. She was born in Germany on 30 march 2001. Her real name is unknown. She attended a private school in the area to finish her high school diploma. However, details about her education are not available. Her ethnicity is German. At the moment, there is not much information about her siblings or parents. She wants her family to be secretive also about her family. She is single and also her marital status remains unmarried.

Shaiden Rogue Family

She was born in a middle-class Christian family in Frankfurt Germany. Shaiden rogue has not yet┬árevealed any meticulous information and also statements regarding her relatives and family information. Nor disclosed her parents’ names and family background. So currently at the moment, the information stands unreachable at this moment.

Shaiden Rogue Career

Shaiden began her acting career in 2019 Shaiden has never shared a name and began her acting career in 2019. After just one year, she was also able to attract thousands of people, mainly Germans. She’s been in the business for just over two years, Shaiden has worked with some of the most prominent names in the industry. But she also worked with top production companies.

Her social media presence shows that she is able to convert viewers into fans. She is active on every major social media platform, including Tiktok. She shares beautiful photos on Instagram with over 400k followers. Actors in the industry tend to have a backup account in case their main account is disabled by Instagram’s content violations. She tweets and also shares photos on her Twitter account. She joined the platform in January 2019.

Shaiden Rogue Relationship

Shaiden Rogue, a German fashion model and entrepreneur, is eager to share information about her love life. She has yet to share any information or crucial details about her boyfriend. According to our research, the shaiden rogue’s current relationship status is single. Since 2022, she has been seen with celebrities as well as social media influencers in her country. Shaiden Rogue has not revealed any details about her romantic relationship to anyone. She also never posted anything on her Instagram account. We can only assume that Shaiden is single.

Shaiden Rogue’s height, weight, & body measurements

Shaiden Rogue height at 5’10” and is 177cm tall. She is a brunette with light skin. She posts pictures of herself on Instagram to delight her followers. They were excited to share their appreciation for the most recent photos. She measures 34 cm in her bra size.

Shaiden Rogue Net worth

Shaiden Rogue has a $30k net worth. She was famous from a young age. She was a talented dancer and athlete in her hometown before she rose to fame as an internet celebrity. People started to take notice of her more after she started joining adult platforms and also uploading videos to TikTok.

Interestings Facts

  • Although she has created several youtube channels, she has yet to share any videos.
  • She uses the username slim to access her TikTok account. Shaiden has almost 100k followers.
  • She has been featured on numerous podcasts.
  • She posted blog posts to her official websites.
  • In December 2021, she dropped private insights, an NFT collection. It includes five items.
  • She has less than 50 followers on Instagram.
  • Shaiden is a lover of pets, especially dogs.


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