Sherri Kramer Biography, Net worth,

Sherri Kramer Biography, Net worth,

Sherri Kramer is a good-looking American famous screenwriter, author, director, marriage & family therapist, and a well-known entrepreneur. She was born on 8th August 1956. Sherri is certainly a celebrity in the world and has millions of followers. She is a single mother with three children, Aubrey Saget, Lara Melanie Saget, and Jennifer Belle Saget.

Sherri is a Law Graduate . she was the sweetheart of the world’s famous comedian Bob Saget who later on married him 1990s. They remained in a married relationship for fifteen years. Later, they got divorced in 1997. Regarding Sherri Kramer’s educational career and qualifications, she studied locally in secondary school. Afterward,  she took enrollment in a Law School associated with the University of Pennsylvania.


Name: Sherri Kramer

Common Name: Sherri

Marital Status: Divorced

Ex-Husband: Bob Saget

Date of Birth: August 08, 1956

Age: 65 years

Height: 5 feet 4 inches

Profession: Screenwriter/ marriage therapist

Nationality: United States

College: Law School of University of Pennsylvania

Qualification: Law graduate

Sherri Kramer’s Career

Sherri is well known throughout the world as a screenwriter and family therapist. She married her boyfriend Bob Saget who was a popular television personality and a comedian.  Sherri is still active in the entertainment. She also appeared in many movies. Her three children have become famous even in their school life. She doesn’t like to earn much money.

As Screenwriter

she started her career as a screenwriter with her first novel ‘’ Dirty Daddy”. Sherri is still a screenwriter.  She wrote many novels which earn a lot of fame for Kramer. Before stared her career as a screenwriter she used to be an Attorney in the United States. She got her degree in Law.

Since she married Bob, this is why she is famous for being the wife of Bob Saget.  Moreover, she has earned fame through her unique work. Sherri Kramer is a hard-working artist which doesn’t rely upon others. She makes no commitments to the standard of her work.

Net Worth

She is still an active writer and family therapist. She approximately has a $1million net worth.

Personal Life

Mostly the screenwriters led a secret life which is why we cannot know much more about her personal life. In the year 1983, She married the well-known stand-up comedian and television actor Bob Saget. At the age when she was 17 years old, they were high school sweethearts.

Marriage and divorce

Both of them loved each other and wanted to live together.  So they did not waste their time and became a family. The pair has three children, and all of them are girls. Their married life was going well until they began to face some issues. Unfortunately, Sherri could not handle her married life with Bob. This married relationship did not continue for a lifetime.   Finally, they got divorced after staying together for fifteen years in 1997.

The ex-husband of Sherri 

A well-known stand-up comedian was her ex-husband of Sherri. She got fame after getting married to Bob. They lived together for 15 years.

Moreover, Bob Saget got married to another woman ‘Kelly Rizzo’. Kelly Rizzo is a model and blogger by profession. Kelly and Bob were spending a happy married life together.

Bob’s death

There was shocking news for the Sherri and Kelly Rizzo when Bob Saget was found dead inside his hotel room.  Surprisingly, an American actor Bob Saget passed away on January 9 in his hotel room in Ritz-Carlton Orlando. He was not breathing. Police have not yet reached the real cause of his death.  Even though they were separate from each other, Sherri told that Bob was everything to her. So she is still in love with him without a doubt.

The lifestyle of Sherri K.

She is a well-known personality in the world having the nationality of the United State of America. She was famous after her marriage being the wife of top-class comedian Bob Saget. Moreover, she started screenwriting and make her name in the field of writing.

Sherri was an independent woman in essence from the beginning and likes to remain happy in life. Sherri started her career as an Attorney but later on, she chooses the profession of an author and a screenwriter.

What is she doing now?

At present, she is known as a famous Family & Marriage therapist all over the world. She loves to participate in works of social welfare; she also remained the fundraiser for social welfare projects. Sherri loves to guide the people in their successful lifestyles.

Since Sherri doesn’t use social media, we have not found her post on any social media account belonging to her. She does not share her posts on social media accounts. That is why nobody knows much about her personal life.

FAQ About Kramer

There are some common questions everybody wants to ask about Kramer.

Who is Sherri Kramer?

She is the ex-wife of well-known actor Bob Saget, she is a professional screenwriter, director, and a marriage and family, therapist.

What is the net worth of Sherri Kramer?

Her net worth is approximately USD 1 million.

How old is Sherri Kramer?

Sherry is 66 years old.


She got divorced in 1997.

Why is Sherri Kramer famous?

She is famous as the ex-wife of Bob Saget but as a screenwriter and marriage and family therapist. Surely she is famous all over the world.

Does Sherri K. use social media?

Since Sherri remains away from social media,  she even doesn’t share her social media account with people.


In conclusion, Sherri is the ex-wife of Bob Saget. Both were high school sweethearts. They remained in a married relationship for 15 years. She is a well-known screenwriter and family therapist.She had worked on lots of projects. At present time, she is known as a screenwriter. Formerly, she was a lawyer. In contrast, she is continuously promoting humanity. Since she is living a private life which is why nobody knows much about her private life.

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