Tacoma Simmons? Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth & Parents

Tacoma Simmons? Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth & Parents

Tacoma Simmons is a well-known model, musician, author, and photographer from the United States. He is the son of DMX and a lyrical arranger. Simmons is a firm believer in his father and has followed in his footsteps. Tacoma also works at Guitar Center as a manager. He was finally found to have been disconnected from his profession.

Tacoma also has three biological siblings and eleven half-siblings as a result of his father’s love affairs. This is Tacoma Simmons’ entire life story. So, if you are interested in learning more about this celebrity. Read the complete post and give your reply in the comment section.


Tacoma Simmons was born in 1999 in the USA. Three brothers are named Xavier and Sean. He also has half-siblings, such as Sasha and Aaliyah, Exodus, and Sonovah Junior. However, his zodiac sign remains elusive as he conceals his full birth date. 

Tacoma Simmons Early Life and Education

Tacoma raises in a loving family environment, with his siblings and his family. He is also known as DMX (Dark Man X).

His father is the best American singer. He was born on December 18, 1970.  New York is the city where he was born. He had achieved many awards during his professional career. He was also nominated for many awards. On the other hand, he passed away from this world on September 4, 2021. The main reason behind the death of his father is a heart attack. 

Tacoma and his entire family are now facing a difficult time. His mother and father married in 1999. They lived together for many years but they divorced in 2014. His father had a loving relationship in 2016 with Desiree Lindstrom. Simmons is a bachelor’s degree holder.

Tacoma Simmons age, height, weight, and other physical measurements

Tacoma Simmons was born on the 27th of August 1999 in Tacoma, Washington. The man claimed to be a United States native. His exact height is unknown, but he appears to be tall in his photographs. He appears to be under 6 feet tall, but he hasn’t said how tall he is. His weight is very similar to his height. He is a young, thin, and tall adolescent. Tacoma is a handsome young man with some strength. His black hair is stunning, and he has brown eyes.


He was a devout follower of his father’s path. He is known as a music composer due to his Instagram posts. After suffering a severe heart attack, his father died on April 9th, 2021. However, his new album was a huge success. He sells 251k copies in the first week.

Tacoma Simmons affairs

He is currently without a partner. He’s a man of principle. At the moment, he is completely free of all such affairs. His job keeps him extremely busy. Tacoma has never been in a relationship, according to his past.  Don’t let rumors about his relationships fool you. These are the exact details that I provided about his relationship.

Tacoma Simmons Social Media Accounts

Tacoma Simmons uses the Instagram handle ( @tacomasimmons ), where he has over a thousand followers and has posted more than five times. However, he has kept his Instagram account private and has not posted any images to it.

He appears to not have any other social media accounts, although his father, DMX was active on many social media platforms. His father was a frequent user of social media sites. That’s why he updates his Instagram stories on a daily basis. This is a public account of his father. 

DMX had a Twitter handle @DMX with 364.8k followers. He also tweeted 298 times. He also started a Facebook page called DMX that has 6 million followers.

Net Worth

Tacoma Simmons makes a good living as an artist. He also earns extra income from brand endorsements and advertisements. He earns a lot of money from his career. According to media reports, his net worth is $ 100,000. He enjoys a luxurious life from her net worth. This figure will rise in the future.

His mother has an estimated net worth of $500,000. And his father has $10 million. This will continue to grow through new projects and work.

What is the father’s name for Tacoma Simmons?

DMX is a father name in the music industry. He is the best rapper of his era.  DMX started his rapping career early in the 1990s. He published several songs, but his debut album, It’s Dark and Hell is Hot was published in 1998. 

DMX also published other albums like The Great Depression and Grand Champ.

Tacoma Simmons’s mother, an American actress, is also a star of American movies and television series like E! True Hollywood Story, Lyanla and Fix My Life, and Starter Wives.

The Cause of Death for His Father

Baron Simmons, also known as DMX at the tender age of 14 was lured into the expansion of medication. Even after several recovery offices, the rapper could not prevail against the enslavement. It eventually destroyed his melodic vocation and his entire life.

According to sources, the attack causes by a medication shortage. Tragically, the rapper’s well-being deteriorates since he admits to the clinic. On the 9th of April, he died.

Amazing Facts about his parents

  • Earl Simmons, also known by DMX, was the father of Tacoma. In the 1990s, he was a brilliant musician and a well-known figure.
  • Father Earl Simmons of Tacoma, also known as the DMX, had a lot of success as soon as the album was released. His 1998 debut album, sold more than 250,000 copies in the first week.
  • The new album by DMX, titled And Then There Was X’, was released the following year, after the phenomenal success of their first album.
  • DMX didn’t just try his luck with music. His brilliant performance sees in over 12 films. Romeo Must Die is his best film.
  • Let’s not forget Tacoma’s mother, Tashera. Tacoma’s mother Tashera, a 50-year-old woman, has worked in several TV series. His mother knows for her film Uncensored and Trippin, as well as Starter Wives.

Final Words

Tacoma is a wonderful personality and great intelligence. You can find a lot of confusing information and hype about Tacoma online. However, it does not impact his success. Despite this, many people love celebrity. This article should help you learn more about Tacoma Simmons.

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