Teuta Matoshi Ideas | Gowns Dresses, Fancy

Teuta Matoshi Ideas | Gowns Dresses, Fancy

Teuta Matoshi was born outside of Pristina. His father was an Albanian teacher, and his mother a stay-at-home mother.  Both her younger sister, Lirika Matoshi, and her sister Sanije are also fashion designers. After graduating from Pristina’s Design Factory, Teuta went on to study art at the University of Pristina.

Designer Teuta Matoshi creates whimsically feminine dresses and gowns with hand-embroidered embellishments. On Instagram, you can immediately identify Teuta’s work because of her unique combination of colors and the hand-made embellishments she adds to her dresses. Even though she’s well-known for her work now (she has over 1,000,000 Instagram followers), her path to success hasn’t been smooth.

Both Teuta’s dresses and her Cinderella-like life story captivated our interest at Bright Side.

Teuta Matoshi Early Life:

Teuta was born in the city of Pristina, which serves as the capital of Kosovo. She was one of nine children, and she comes from a working-class family. It was a difficult life for her and her family because her father worked as a full-time teacher and was the primary earner for the household. When she was a tiny child, she taught herself how to sew outfits for herself and her siblings out of old scraps and garments. She was raised in a poor family. At an early age, she started making clothes for her sibling by using the old stuff.

Her homemade ensembles continued to receive favorable comments even while she was still in middle school, and she graduated from there. Teuta finally set off on the arduous trek that would lead her to her ultimate destination. Opening a boutique in which she would sell clothing produced from her own designs and patterns was her dream come true.

Early Struggle:

Teuta Matoshi

However, as Teuta grew and expanded her business, she encountered numerous challenges. There was limited room for development or production during the Kosovo War in the 1990s. For the materials and fabrics she required, Teuta had to travel a lot to get them.

Throughout the country, Teuta and Lirika’s sister Sanija aided Teuta in her efforts to achieve her goal. It doesn’t get any better than this. As a mother of three, Teuta was able to accomplish all of this. Discuss the qualities of grit and determination.

Teuta never forgets her roots, even in the midst of her trials. It’s gotten to the point where her brand now “supports local women in her Pristina [Kosovo] community throughout.” When Teuta realized that many women in her community were out of work, she decided to do everything she could to help them get back on their feet.

Teuta Matoshi Career:

After high school, she attended the Factory Design University in Pristina, where she studied fashion design. Draping and styling were taught to her by renowned Parisian professor David Priol. In spite of her mentor’s influence, she was able to demonstrate that she had her own creative process and distinct style. In 2007, she launched her own shop in Pristina after completing her degree. Prior to her change to haute couture gowns, her fashion company specialized in high-quality jackets.

Teuta began by filling minor orders in a shop and quickly rose to the position of designer and entrepreneur. She had to go to great lengths to find high-quality materials at the time, which were scarce. She also developed a 40-person crew from start and individually trained them. At the time, she was a young mother with three little children.

In Kosovo, her fashion line became a household name. For her ‘princess-like’ outfits, she achieved worldwide fame thanks to social media, which helped her gain international exposure. To accommodate the increasing number of customers, she constructed a new atelier in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood in 2019.

With her amazing needlework and embellishments, she has become a worldwide fashion icon for her whimsical feminine gowns. When she conducted runway presentations in New York City and Dubai, some well-known celebrities took notice of her spellbinding style. Included in this group are celebrities such as Taylor Swift and vlogger Carli Bybel along with other prominent fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

Despite her worldwide renown, the sought-after fashion designer neglects to give back to her hometown in Pristina. Even single mothers who lost their husbands in the war were included on her list of potential hires. You may purchase Matoshi’s stunning gowns and dresses from her online shop, or you can keep up with her current creations by following her on Instagram.


She married Artan Duriq and she has a daughter and two sons. She belongs to 9 children of family and her father was a primary school teacher and her mother was a housewife. Her two sisters are also fashion designers.

Teuta Matoshi Social Life:

Teuta never lost her roots, despite her success. She made it a goal of hers to hire as many women as possible for her company, due to the large percentage of unemployed women in her native country. Young mothers and other females aspiring to a profession in the glamorous field of fashion are included in this category. She helps many designers to get their goals in the field by joining her company.

Social Media:

She has an Instagram account with 1,000,000 followers. In her Instagram accounts, she always posted her new fashion ideas and gowns. In the early part of her career, Instagram helps her a lot to become a fashion icon. She always posted new designs on her account, you can watch her beautiful work on her account. You will know how good is she in fashion.

Net worth:

According to the research, in 2020 her net worth is 6.74 million. She earned all of this wealth through her unique and beautiful gowns.


Who is Teuta Matoshi?

She is a fashion designer and popular all over the world because of his unique styles.

What is the name of her husband?

Her husband’s name is Artan Duriq.

How many children of Teuta?

She has one girl and two sons.

How many members of Teuta Family?

She belongs to a family of 9 children his father was a school teacher and his mother was a housewife.

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