TV Benches How to Buy Best in 2022

TV Benches How to Buy Best  in 2022

After the kitchen and washrooms, the TV lounge has become the most crucial part of a house. We spend our leisure/ free time in the TV lounge. Now the first question which comes to your mind is How to Buy TV Benches in 2022?

Since the modern interior design is very sophisticated, TV has to be adapted to it. So TV design and benches design also become points to consider.

These benches come, of course, in many designs. You can choose any according to your needs. This article includes different designs of benches and, of course, some tips on how to buy the best benches in 2022, one for your TV spot. Color, design, and materials are the points to consider.

They come in many designs.

Low: If you have a small room, low height TV will work for you. Most importantly, they are more appropriate for large tv. They will help reduce the space even if you have a big tv. Hence they will make the best choice for a small room.

Size: they have 30-40cm in size.

High: if you have a large room, these benches could be the best choice. They start from 60cm.

If you are looking for a TV bench with more storage, high benches would be best to invest in.


Apart from these points, you may consider some other points which make benches more customized and well adapted to your home interior. Other things to consider include are the size and height of TV benches.  

Wall-mounted TV benches are reframed around the TV. They contain storage space and frames. From my point of view, these are the best choice in present times.

How to select the best bench for your TV

At first, you have to decide the price that is more according to your budget.

But there are some other things to be considered at the same time. If you take care of these pints, you can go to buy the TV bench straight away.

Here are some key points of buying a bench for your TV.


The first thing to remember is the size of your room. After all, you have to adjust the bench in your room. And it should look very decent and classy if you don’t choose the bench.

So first thing first, look for the balance. The width of your TV and bench should not be equal. Your bench should have more width than the TV. Generally, people choose a bench that is 20-30cm wider than the TV.

Stand of TV: Look for the stand size. Different TV brands have different stand sizes and styles. Bench depth should be according to the stand.

Cable size and control

Another critical point to keep in mind is cable management. A bench should be able to lessen the cable mess around you. A bench should have a large drawer for extra cable too. Try to buy a bench that is not annoying concerning cable management at any cost.

Storage/space it offers

In conclusion, I would say that if you are following the points mentioned earlier, you will surely make the best choice. Think about the storage you need while buying a bench. I prefer benches that have a lot of space for storage. The best bench should have a lot of space for household items and the TV. Moreover, the room will look clean and tidy without shelves. Use the storage space on the bench instead of installing shelves.

Color and material

Be it anything in our lives, colors have a powerful impact. So along with size and storage, another critical point is color. Choose one which is the best match to the home interior or the theme of the color of the walls. According to the modern industrial interior, a Sleek modern solid natural wood would be a decent choice. Combine the all items from the same collection (if possible) to make your room luxurious and stylish.

Which is the best bench size for eye level?

To get a comfortable viewing, make sure the bench is of appropriate length. The seat’s height depends on which thins you are using to sit. Whether it is a chair, sofa, or floor plus, this will also be affected by the height of an individual.

Recommended height of a TV bench is 50 cm while sitting on a dining chair.  

40-50 is when you are sitting on a high sofa. 30-40 is when sitting on the floor or low sofa.

Also, make some arrangements for children for a high viewing experience. Arrange your seat at an optimum distance from the TV. This optimum distance is three times more than the TV height.

To make comfortable viewing, always choose the right size of your TV that can fit the shape and size of your room and the size of your TV and TV bench.

A durable walnut veneer is an ideal choice for a natural TV bench. It gives a warm look at 50cm in height, and when you are sitting on a sofa, it makes a perfect family quality watching TV. It makes your room spare 160cm wide and can bear a load of 50 Kg to accommodate a 120cm wide 55 inches TV.

Form or Function? Why not Both

If you want to buy a new bench, your first choice must be that which can give a stylish look to your room. You must follow the sequence of your considerations- storage, cable management, and line of sight and then your next step is which color, size, and design can go ideal for your room.

From where I should buy these benches

There are many brands out there that make TV accessories. You can choose according to your choice and budget. If I talk about myself, my favorite brand is IKEA.

So as I have mentioned above, every point is equally important. If you follow the above instructions, surely you will be able to make a good decision. I wish you good luck.

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