Under the Oak tree

Under the Oak tree


Riftan Calypso, a young mercenary who is now the captain of the French artist Knights, and Maximillian Croix, the suffering first daughter of the harsh Duke of Croix, are the novel’s characters Under the Oak Tree.

The novel tells how Riftan and Maximillian fell in love with one another. The marriage is arranged, but as time goes on and they learn more about one another. They find themselves falling in love despite the fact that they were only married out of pleasure.

Main character

When it comes to characters, Maximilian Calypso comes like a pleasant surprise. Maxi has a stutter, as said in the concept. According to their conversations, we may suppose she has moderate to severe speech, and this causes her to be outcast by her single father.

Unfortunately, her father, who should protect her against prejudice, beats her and beatings her mind. The Duke had gradually stolen her self-respect and belief in her ability to find a man. Who would love and adore her, and the damage to her psychology was too significant for her to recover.

Romance in the story

They are both imperfect, but their shared ability to overcome their fear of open communication is the biggest problem. It isn’t enjoyable at times, but that’s what keeps fans coming back for more. Growing tension and embarrassing questions between them make fans love and fight for them, and what captures the audience into great importance in their path.

Under the oak tree

The quality of their love is clear, and the characters’ appearance in new plays is to this effect. The sweetness of this dish does not negate its spiciness. This series features several sexual exchanges between Riftan and Maxi, which will make readers both blush and swoon. The conversation is somewhat silly, but the characters carry it off.

The way Riftan watches out for Maxi and wants to give her the world is terrific, and they make a lovely couple. Maxi attempts to settle into her job as Lady of Anatole, but her concerns frequently cause her to doubt her significance in Riftan’s life.

The Phenomenal Art:

When comparing the art of Mahwah and manga to the work of their European counterparts, one of the most apparent differences is that with the former, what you see is what you receive. In some instances, Western comic book publishers will use cover art that was not done by the series’ original artist.

 That always throws people off. The series’ characters’ lines and shapes are primary, yet the artist likes to focus on texture. Within the space of one panel, there are no less than five broad textures.

Lighting is also excellent and given that this is a magical world populated by dragons and magicians. I can only imagine how much more impressive sequences involving magic would look with such a careful lighting design.

Under the oak tree Story

I’m going to tell you about the love story that broke me today. Shoji Kim’s web novel is called “Under the Oak Tree.” She is also timid and has a bad stutter. If you think that’s sad, there are many more: her family’s past is a mess. The FL’s father stinks. He hurts her physically and verbally, telling her she is meaningless.

One day, the King tells his servant to go on a trip to hunt dragons (basically a suicide mission). But the FL’s dad will not go, of course. So, he gets the FL married to a law-class noble.  So that the law-class knight can go on the journey. The knight is to die instead of the father. If you hadn’t guessed, this chivalry warrior is at the Master Level.

There’s no denying that the ML is smoking. The guy is like a hero in shining armor. He’s also really muscular. You get what I’m getting at. The ML has to leave for the dragon expedition the day after their wedding.  The monarch is eager to adopt the ML as his son-in-law now that the ML has achieved heroic status.

Marriage to the FL

Now, no one would fault the ML if he decided to end his marriage to the FL and wed the princess. The FL’s dad is against divorce because it would shame the family’s good name. He has threatened the FL to stop the divorce from happening. The ML walks in at that moment, and the FL runs away in terror at the sight of his massive frame and frightening demeanor.

He didn’t show up there to seek a divorce but rather to welcome the FL into his domain. He claims that three years ago, we were married legally. Living together as husband and wife is the natural and proper thing. There should be no outside influence, not even from your father. As time passes, the FL and ML make it to his fortress.

War with supernatural beings, however, soon shatters the calm. The King has given the ML orders to proceed to fight. Because of her newfound ability to heal, the FL plans to sneak into battle while the ML isn’t looking and use her priest disguise. The ML, however, had no idea that the FL would accompany him into action. I will protect you from any harm that may come your way.

The ML would lose his mind if he found out. That was a precarious circumstance. They obviously can’t get together, though. The FL did a great job of maintaining covert operations. She continuously bathes at the local spring, but one day she arrives to find the ML already there. It’s not long before the ML starts to get suspicious of the woman in the hood and orders her to take it off.

 “Visit my face.” The FL desperately tries to flee, but she cannot do so since she cannot follow the teachings of the priesthood. When she turns to leave, though, the ML changes his mind and won’t let her go. The ML grabs the FL by the collar of her robe and yanks, turning her around to face him. When the FL cautiously looks into the ML’s eyes, the ML realizes…

 I enjoyed the symmetry within some clouded apprehension of each design and the beautiful chemistry between the characters in this story about suffering lovers who find their escape in literature.


Under the Oak Tree is a great book to read right now, and it has a lot of potentials. When isn’t the last time you’ll hear good things about this story arc from me or any other fan who isn’t crazy?

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