What would the world be like if the conspiracy theories about 5G were true?

What would the world be like if the conspiracy theories about 5G were true?

The various conspiracy theories circulating about different things in the world have a very specific feature. They are NOT true. And this is a great pity, dear friends, because who would NOT want there to be Saurons, Elohim, Group E, and various other such incredible things? Unfortunately, that’s too good to be true.

Something similar applies to this year’s paranoia with 5G. The latest and even faster version of wireless internet has conquered the world, but to our great regret, only metaphorically. No, 5G is not going to do all that we are being threatened with. Of course, they are threats in their own minds. In ours, these are some potentially unbelievable situations.

So what would the world be like if all the conspiracy theories with 5G turned out to be true? We tried to apply them mentally as Jedi of the New Order of Things, so to see what will happen!

Conspiracy # 1


 With 5G they are spying on us There are many who consider 5G technology to be a Trojan Horse on the part of the governments of the world, who use it to record our every move. So far so good, we’re used to surveillance anyway, but it’s usually mediocre surveillance, like the infinite snapped cameras we see everywhere.

If nothing else, 5G can bring us the monitoring we have always needed, that is, the one that monitors us closely enough to remember that we have left our keys and that 20 euros that are ignored by others.

Conspiracy # 2: 5G brought the coronavirus


Ok, according to the most knowledgeable conspiracy theorists out there, 5G causes or facilitates the coronavirus (although for some reason people ignore them and continue to use their cell phones! If ever possible). This obviously means that with 5G we can directly download the highest tech things in our body, such as the coronavirus. That’s the latest in virus technology has nothing to do with it – what matters is that we can download it with such speed and ease. If so, via 5G we will probably be able to play our favorite online games and watch Netflix directly in our head, and in fact with perfect streaming! Adhesive?

Conspiracy # 3: 5G kills birds

To God, we do not desire the evil of any bird. As he said in “Let the women wait”, we do not want the evil of our enemy either. On the other hand, such a feature of 5G means that with a few custom settings we will be able to specifically avoid the pigeons and the bombs they drop. In short, we will have very fast Internet with pigeon-hunting properties wherever we are.

Conspiracy # 4: – With 5G they are trying to control us

So that the New Order of Things can control us. Everywhere in the world. With perfect speed and automatic response. This is basically a very good idea. When, for example, we want to diet but we do not find the self-discipline, we will send a request to the New Order. You know, like, plz forbid me to open the fridge overnight until September. thank you in advance “or type” New Order, make me a fan because the house sucks “. Not a bad prospect if you want our opinion.

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