What’s So Trendy About Tasha Macaulay That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

What’s So Trendy About Tasha Macaulay That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

So you ate also a fan of Tasha Macaulay, or you are just curious. Be it for any reason, you want to know about this personality.

We have done the research and found a way to help you find all the information you want. Go through all the information and know what you want to know. So let’s explore Tasha without further ado.

Who is Tasha Macaulay and why we should know about her?

Tasha Macaulay is married to Joseph Gordon-Levit. Joseph is a filmmaker and actor as well. But that’s not her only way of introduction. She has her own identity as a scientist and CEO of robotics. Her company name is “Fellow Robots”. Tasha doesn’t like media attention much. She is always avoidant towards media reporters. She doesn’t like to make an appearance in public and she talks her stuff. And of course, this stuff is scientific and about her work and company.

 Social Media Life

Even on social media accounts, she does not talk about her personal life. she keeps sharing stuff related to his work. She is interested in talking about business and robotics. Or boasting to be the wife of a star.  

This lady is quite a talented scientist and has traveled around the world. She visited many countries to attend science conventions, seminars, and talk shows as well.

Tasha Likes to Participate in Charity Campaigns

Tasha likes to participate in and run charity campaigns. This tells us that she is a kind person. he likes to help the needy. She is smart enough to maintain the balance between work and personal life. Her husband admits this fact too. Joseph Lavitt admires that Tasha can maintain this balance.  Also, adore that their personal life is not affected by her outdoor activities. Both of them are American citizens.

Childhood and Education:

Tasha took birth in California city. She can speak many languages. These languages include English, Spanish and Arabic. For quite a short time, she worked as a firefighter also. ( that’s surprisingly strange). she went to an Elementary school in Los Angeles. After studying there for two years, she joined “Franklin Elementary School. After her graduation from school, now was to decide on an institution for her secondary education. She went to “Open Magnet Charter School”. Tasha graduated from here in 1996. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Arts. She got an engineer in robotics degree in the year 2011 from “Singularity University”.

Afterward, she wanted to study business. she went to ” The University of Southern California Martial School of Business”. She completed her MBA degree from this university in 1014.

Professional Life

 she joined as an assistant professor of Robotics at “The Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Track” on the NASA Research Park campus. This was the beginning of her professional career

. This happened in 2010. She is chiefly directing all her efforts on teaching the rapid growth of robotics and technologies that have emerged in recent years. She became working Director of ” Autodesk Innovation Lab” in 2011. Seems this year was quite lucky because she consequently became a co-founder of Fellow Robots also in the same year. She worked there for almost 3 years.

Later, she left this position to begin working as Director OF Business Development. The company name was Geosim System. The work of this company is related to making models of cities.

The List Goes On…

Furthermore, she once became a board member of a foundation namely “Ten to Ninth Plus Foundation”. ( well, The name is quite interesting. isn’t it). This company is quite ambitious in the development of new technologies. It works around the globe, which certainly means it has international influence.

Tasha was also a guest speaker at the web summit. this summit took place in Lisbon, Portugal.

Tasha is also an experienced software designer. This design is also related to robotics. All of this information confirms that she is a talented woman. She doesn’t need her husband’s fame to get famous. Tasha Macaulay has talents that speak louder. She is an inspiration. we can say, Tasha is a beauty with brains.

Married Life

Their love story or relationship remains secret. Both Tasha and Joseph never revealed anything about their relationship. Since both of them believe in discretion, nobody knows any details about their affair. Their marriage was a big surprise for many people.

According to some close resources, maybe they started dating each other around 2013. People assume this because this was the year when Joseph talked about his relationship. He said he committed to someone. But keeping the name of women a secret. He told in an interview that his girlfriend is shy and he can’t tell her name now.

Later on, it was found that they met through a common friend. In December 2014, both of them were seen together. They both, mostly appear together in charity events.

What we know about Tasha’s Children

Both, Tasha and Joseph Levitt. together with their two sons, make a family. Since they don’t like the limelight, they keep children away from the media. Surprisingly, they don’t even reveal the name of their children. To keep the secrecy, they don’t answer questions about their children in interviews.

The reason behind this is no other than the fact that they want their children to decide whether they would like to come into the spotlight or not. ( smart decision. Isn’t it?).

In sum, we see that this couple is different and happy at the same time. They don’t use each other to get the spotlight. Tasha Macaulay’s balance between personal and professional life is undeniably very impressive. In this way, they are protecting their family life from any disturbance. People who post about their stuff get some criticism too. This can disturb family life and peace of mind also. In short, one thing is clear here, extreme love and extreme care.

Finally, we will wish the couple good luck in their future. We wish growth and success to Tasha Macaulay and the kids also.

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