Who is Alondra Ortiz ( AlondraDessy )? All about her life

Who is Alondra Ortiz ( AlondraDessy )? All about her life

Alondra Ortiz is a well-known Instagrammer and YouTuber from the USA.

She is an Instagram celebrity and fashionista who owns the “Alondradessy” account, which she created. Alondra produces cosmetic tutorials and fashion pieces on her YouTube channel. Her “AlondraDessy” YouTube channel also featured videos from time to time, which she posted regularly.

Biography and Early Life

Alondra Ortiz was born on November 5, 1996, in America. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio, and she has 25 years old to till date. She is an American citizen.

Since she was 16, the passionate beauty queen has dreamed of launching her lash line. To get to where she is now, she has made little but major efforts toward that goal.

The beautiful makeup enthusiast had a deep passion for the beauty industry when she was 20 years old, but she hadn’t started her influencer journey because of financial difficulties. She worked at Banco Wells Fargos as a freelance makeup artist for Chanel and a fragrance vendor while she was 20 years old.

Until the Scorpion moved in with her friend Elsy Guevara, she pursued her beauty business. She quit her three jobs and started her influencer journey while also launching her business.

Marital Status

She is currently living a happy and affluent life, in which she has a beautiful relationship and a fulfilling career. By adjusting both their imperfections and their culminations, Tre and Alondradessy make each other complete. Individuals have praised them for their apparent affection for one another, seen in their YouTube videos. They are there for each other through the highs and lows of their respective lives. The two of them practice sending each other images of themselves that demonstrate their mutual admiration for one another.

When asked about her previous romances, she revealed that she had been with Tre Carter. “TRE & ALO” was the name of their successful couples channel that they ran together. They did, however, part ways in the year 2019. Following their breakup, she accused Tre of being disloyal throughout their relationship and cheating on her with another woman. A YouTube video outlining the couple’s breakup also disclosed the news, with the actress explaining that “essentially, we’ve been broken up for quite some time.”

Alondra Ortiz

Furthermore, the couple went on a vacation to Montana together when she discovered the adultery that ultimately led to her quitting the relationship. “In the end, I will no longer tolerate being mistreated in our relationship. Ortiz stated that she believes she is entitled to more. The Youtuber admitted that she had been apprehensive about filming the video, that she had been sobbing for weeks and hadn’t been eating. According to her YouTube video, “Everything hit me hard.” She added that she wanted to speak out about the breakup to move on with her life.

Alondra Ortiz Career

Alondradessy is an American YouTuber and Instagram celebrity known for transferring cosmetics instructional exercises and deceptions, beauty recommendations, item audits, and touring video blogs on Alondra and Elsy’s channel. As of today, she has amassed more than 1.29 million fans. Similarly, her channel has received more than 108.78 million views in total. Aside from YouTube, she has a sizable fan base on her other web-based media platforms. Similarly, as of writing, she has over 960k followers on Instagram alone. Likewise, she has gained a lot of notoriety because of the combined YouTube channel she created with Tre Carter.

We BROKE UP is currently the most popular video on her channel.4.2 million people have viewed this video since it was uploaded on December 24, 2019, according to the creator. As an example, Alondradessy getting dirty for New Year’s is one of the channel’s most popular videos. My friend has made an unusual request of me: to become his best friend! WILL I SAY YES?, and do I believe he’s the one? I SURPRISED HIM ON VALENTINE’S DAY *HE DID NOT EXPECT THIS*. There have been millions of views for each film.

Youtube Subscribers

YouTube has served as a platform for individuals to earn money by interacting with viewers and compensated for the advertisements viewers see while viewing their videos. Alondra Ortiz is in a similar predicament since YouTube provides her with the majority of her income and means of subsistence. The number of people who support her and are interested in her has increased chiefly over the long haul.

As of right now, she has more than 1.29 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. She has 108.78 million views with an average of 520.45 K views per video.

She and her stylish pal Elsy G. co-own a second YouTube channel named “Alondra and Elsy”. They established this channel on February 24, 2018, and it has had 59,454,790 views so far. On this channel, they publish different content, including videos that delight their users and admirers. The most watched video on this channel is FIGHTING IN FRONT OF LOUIE’S LIFE HE FREAKS OUT. This video hasĀ a maximum of 2.9 million views so far.

Alondra Ortiz Instagram Followers

Alondra Ortiz has 2.2 million followers on Instagram.

Since becoming a popular Instagram model, Alondradessy has received several assistance packages from various organisations. For example, she is accepted by labels like style Nova and ootdfash Boutique, which can be seen in a considerable number of her Instagram pictures. The information shown above, her estimated total assets are somewhere between $150k and $200,000, considering that she has only been involved in web-based media for a little over a year at this writing.


Alondradessy has not been distracted by any unfavourable stories or contentions that may jeopardise her career. She has maintained a remarkably polished ability to avoid anything that may spark stories and disagreements. Furthermore, she exhibits no ambition in gaining popularity by participating in these activities. However, fragments of rumour about her connection appear to a lesser extent, which is not significant. It means that she is adorable and famous personality.

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