Who is Angela Aguilar? Biography of Famous Personality

Who is Angela  Aguilar? Biography of Famous Personality

It wasn’t until her mother’s tour with her father that Angela Aguilar was born in Los Angeles. Her father, Mexican musician Pepe Aguilar, and her maternal grandparents, Mexican singer-actors Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, are members of the musical family known as La Dinasta Aguilar. Aguilar has traveled with her father around Latin America since she was a little child.

Nine-year-old Angela published her first album, Nueva Tradición, in 2012, which featured four songs written by Leonardo and four by Angela. She was the festival’s youngest performer in 2016 when she took part in the BBC 100 Woman festival in Mexico City. She told the BBC at the time that men controlled the music industry. Angela hoped things would change. Mean while, She was quoted as saying. “Jaripeo Sin Fronteras” was the name of her family’s equestrian-musical tour in 2019, including her father, Pepe, her uncle Antonio, and her younger brother, Leonardo Aguilar.

More about Angela Aguilar

Angela will be 19 years old in October 2022. On October 8, 2003, Angela was born in Los Angeles, California, USA. Moreover, Every year on October 8, Angela celebrates his birthday.

Angela is 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her weight is 55 kilograms. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Although, Angela has not made her relationship public. It is unknown whether she is married or in a relationship.

There were no problems with Angela’s parents. Angela’s parents brought her up. She is the daughter of Pepe Aguilar and Aneliz Alvarez-Alcala. Angela was named after her great-grandmother, Angela Márquez-Barraza Valle. Marqueze Barraza was the maternal grandmother of her father. Aguilar is a citizen of both Mexico and the United States of America. She has three siblings. Leonardo Aguilar, Emiliano Aguilar and Aneliz Aguilar.

Angela Aguilar Career

Aguilar and her brother, Leonardo, published Nueva Tradición in 2012 when she was just nine years old. It had four Leonardo songs and four Angela tunes. Aguilar attended the BBC 100 Women celebration in Mexico City in 2016. She was the youngest performer at just 13 years old, and she told BBC News that males controlled the music industry and that she hoped things would change.

Her family started “Jaripeo Sin Fronteras,” an equestrian-musical tour in January 2018.Angela Aguilar went with her father Pepe, uncle Antonio, and brother Leonardo.

Aguilar released her debut solo album, Primero Soy Mexicana, on March 2, 2018. The CD included eleven well-known ranchera songs sung by Lucha Villa, Rocio Durcal, and Flor Silvestre. However, At the 2018 Premios Tu Mundo, Aguilar sang “Tu Sangre en Mi Cuerpo.” Aguilar nominated for Best New Artist and Best Ranchero/Mariachi Album at the 19th Annual Latin Grammy Awards on September 20, 2018. She sang “La Llorona” to a standing ovation during the ceremony. Various performers, notably Mexican ranchera singer Vicente Fernández, praised Aguilar’s performance. Primero Soy Mexicana nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Regional Mexican Music Album on December 7, 2018.

Moreover, Mayor Ulises Meja Haro designated Aguilar the Zacatecas Artistic and Cultural Ambassador on April 3, 2019. While, On May 21, 2019, Aguilar nominated for three Premios Juventud honors. She sang a medley with Christian Nodal and Pipe Bueno. According to the songwriter Lady Gaga, Aguilar performed “Shallow” on the Recording Academy’s YouTube website on July 23, 2019.

On January 31, 2020,Angela Aguilar released Baila Esta Cumbia, an American artist Selena.

Angela’s Parents and family


Singer-songwriter and actor Pepe Aguilar (born August 7, 1968) is a Mexican singer-songwriter and actor.

Although, Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, Mexican singers and performers, took Aguilar on tour from the time he was a child. Onstage at Madison Square Garden in New York City, he performed with his father at the tender age of three. His children Leonardo Aguilar and Angela Aguilar carry on the family tradition. Their father and grandfather did it before them.

Aguilar’s albums have sold more than 12 million copies throughout the world. Furthermore, He has won four Grammy Awards, five Latin Grammy Awards, nineteen Lo Nuestro Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions to Latin music.


Aneliz Alvarez-Alcala is a well-known personality. She is the wife of Pepe Aguilar.

Aneliz is the mother of Angela Aguilar. Pepe Aguilar married her in 1997.

Angela’s Studio album

Angela Aguilar’s second studio album, Primero Soy Mexicana. It means  (“First I’m Mexican”). Machin released it. The album Primer soy Mexican recorded on March 2, 2018. The album featured Ranchera and mariachi music. While, Angela’s father, Pepe Aguilar, produced it. The album’s title had taken from Flor Silvestre’s first film, Primero soy Mexicano.

However, It was nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Ranchero Album in 2018 and a Grammy nomination for Best Regional Mexican Music Album in 2019.

Primero Soy Mexicana recordings

Primero Soy Mexicana includes eleven well-known ranchera songs previously sung by other musicians that Aguilar regards as powerful female ranchera performers.

The CD was recorded at the Aguilar family ranch in Villanueva, Zacatecas, known as “Rancho El Soyate.”

  • The first tune, is “Ya No Me Interests,” Mexican Lucha Villa sang it. She released it on her 1985 album, Interpreta a Juan Gabriel.
  • The second track, “Corazoncito Tirano,”  Mexican singer and song writer Cuco Sánchez composed it. Cuco Sánchez perfoemed it for his 1990 album La Voz de Mexico.
  • The third song, “Cielito Lindo,” Since early 1900, various prformer has performed it.
  • The fourth track, “La Tequilera,” Lucha Villa previously recorded it on her 1967 album of the same name.
  • The sixth tune on the album, “Cielo Rojo,” Aguilar’s grandmother initially recorded it, Flor Silvestre, in 1957 and is recognized as the turning point in her musical career.

La Llorona:  The folk song

La Llorona (the weeping woman ) is a Mexican folk song based on the La Llorona mythology. There are several renditions of the song. Its roots are unknown; however, composer Andres Henestrosa claimed to hear the song near the Isthmus of Tehuantepec about 1941. He popularized the song and added new verses to the existing ones.

In addition, The mythology of La Llorona is sometimes confused with that of La Malinche, the Nahua Princess, and spouse of Hernan Cortes, the Aztec Empire’s conqueror in Mexico. In her wrath at her unfaithful spouse, the song’s La Llorona killed her children in a river. As a ghost, she doomed to travel the river’s banks in search of her lost children. The song has linked with the Day of the Dead in Latin America.

What is the Latin Grammy Award?

The Latin Recording Academy presents the Latin Grammy Awards to honor outstanding performance in the Latin music business. In addition, The Latin Grammy Awards recognize works recorded in Spanish or Portuguese from anywhere globally and released in Ibero-America, the Iberian Peninsula, or the United States.

While, On September 13 September 2000, the first Latin Grammy Awards event was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The CBS broadcast that initial ceremony became the first primarily Spanish-language primetime show telecast on an English-language American television network. Moreover, The 22nd Annual Latin Grammy Awards held on 18 November 2021, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Univision has aired the awards in the United States since 2005. In 2013, 9.8 million viewers tuned to Univision to watch the Latin Grammy Awards, giving the channel a top-three network in the United States for the night.

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