YPhone Toy Play Cell Phone USB Rechargeable

YPhone Toy Play Cell Phone USB Rechargeable

This year, kids are crazy about YPhone toy phones. The YPhone is the first specialist version of a normal smartphone. If your child sees you using a mobile phone, there is a good chance they will want one of their own. However, giving children a real phone as a present is impossible because of its high cost. The potential exposure to improper online information.

 The YPhone fills this void. Toy phones have grown beyond their original function and are now a useful form of entertainment for busy children.

What’s YPhone?

The YPhone is one of the best inventions of China. You should ask if this phone works or if it’s just a fake. You might be glad that your smartphone is not like your regular phone. It’s made for kids so they can play for a long time.


Cell phones are so important to kids nowadays that they can’t live without them. As a parent, I understand you can’t let them use your expensive phone for a long. In the end, your children break your phone, which seems like a huge problem. China has made a new phone for kids where they can play with multiple colors and numbers when they are disheartened.

YPhone Specifications

The YPhone is a simple toy that lets you learn through playing. It’s not an actual phone and doesn’t have any games. The toy phone is 12.5cm long, 5.8cm wide, and 0.8cm thick, which makes it easy for children to hold. It is also small and hard, so it only weighs 90g.

It appears to come with a switch to turn it on and off, a sheet of coating, and a Micro USB port for charging. The yphone is also charging with the connector in 10 to 20 minutes. It also has icons with a lot of colors that kids like.

YPhone Modes: The yphone’s eight primary features and operational modes are as follows:

  • Mobile mode Piano mode
  • Color mode
  • Fruit pattern
  • Drum mode
  • Playing Mode
  • Algebraic mode
  • Mode of Inquiry

Activating the YPhone is as simple as pressing a button. The button has a picture on it, and when kids touch it, a short message appears that relates to the picture. So when your button it, the Bezel lights up. The buttons are responsive and activate various settings. However, This fake phone’s main selling point is its question mode. Also, The kids can get information by asking questions.

Functional Button:

You may also cycle through the volume’s five settings by holding down the button. YPhone features 20 classic children’s songs in addition to ten classic pieces of sleep music.

The YPhone has buttons with pictures that help kids learn to understand and recognize numbers, color combinations, fruit, vegetables, etc. It also helps people learn how to talk better. The songs mode on the YPhone lets kids sing with it as well.

Safe Materials:

The YPhone is made of ABS plastic, which is safe and doesn’t harm you. When buying things, it’s important to ensure they are safe and don’t have any artificial ingredients. It is made of ABS plastic and there is no harmful chemical.

YPhone Pros

  • It looks like an Apple iPhone in style.
  • Lights that are fun to use
  • It sounds that get you going
  • It helps babies learn to think and move better.
  • A charger for micro USB is included.
  • Attractive and not too expensive
  • It makes an outstanding gift
  • It’s full of colors and helps kids learn their numbers and understand what they hear.

YPhone is a toy phone that kids can play with it. These y phones are great for young kids and babies. This fake mobile will keep kids and babies busy and show interest.

Excellent build: The phone’s front side looks like a mobile, with buttons for dialing, selecting colors, and more. Kids will involve in various styles, each of which features their favorite characters in a fun, imaginative patterns.

Button: The various buttons on it operate, so it can do a wide variety of things—lights and music match up to the buttons you press on your phone. The YPhone is more capable because it has functional buttons.

Music: Kids can learn the tune of songs by simply listening to the toy phone’s music collection. In other words, they can use the phone to harmonize. If it has a variety of tunes and music, even babies made in recent years are always happy. They won’t mess around with your phone.

Light: The phone’s sides may look opaque but contain many brilliant LEDs. Kids will like looking at and playing with the phone because of how the light reflects off it. The lifelike and energizing qualities of the phone improve the glowing lights that flicker around its border. Children are happy with bright lights, loud music, and other sensory stimulation.

Camera: The YPhone is also a camera phone because of its realistic appearance. Kids will think they have a real phone because it is just the right size.

Rechargeable Telephone

The YPhone is perhaps charging through the included USB cable. The phone’s on/off toggles also are found on its side.


The phone lacks a camera, but the designers made it so kids can see a fake camera. This technique fools children the most, causing them to believe they are using phones.

Lights and music

The YPhone has bright lights in every function, which is fun for young people. The phone looks smart because the lights are different colors and flash all around the corners.

Kids can sing along with the music on the phone, which has different melodies. If your kid is crying, the songs on your phone are a great way to make them feel better and calm down.


As a parent, it’s your job to keep your kids from going on the Internet. Today’s children are very built-in technology, so phones like phones are a great way to keep them busy and having fun for a long time. China just came up with the YPhone.

Not only YPhone but there are also other toys that you can check out online. Make sure to buy toys with beautiful music, bright lights, and other modern features, so your child is always happy and comfortable. We are ecstatic to let our readers know about the new blog.

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