Yulia Gerasimova | Beautiful Ukrainian Volleyball Player

Yulia Gerasimova | Beautiful Ukrainian Volleyball Player

Yulia Gerasimova, also known as Yulia Gerasimova, is a Ukrainian volleyball player. Who became famous after a video of her dancing and trying to trick the fans during a professional timeout in a match between Russia and Ukraine went viral online. A video of Yulia and some fellow Ukrainian club volleyball players dancing off during a Champions League match can be seen for around 20 seconds.

During a Volleyball Champions League match against the Polish team Rzeszow, Yuliya Gerasimova was seen dancing with her teammates. Yulia is seen in the video sporting jersey number 9 as her teammate’s roar with excitement at her flashy dance moves. Her popularity is due to her passionate and lively lifestyle, which has won the hearts of countless fans worldwide.

Yulia Gerasimova Biography:

A center blocker for the Ukrainian national volleyball team, Yulia Anatolyevna Gerasimova was born on September 15, 1989, in Odesa, Ukrainian SSR, and USSR. She is the first Student at Odesa No. 8 Children’s Sports Academy (first coach – Irina Istook).

As a member of Yuzhnensky Khimik, she helped the team to five national titles and the Challenge Cup semifinal in 2014–15. He spent one season with the Zaporizhzhya Orbit and is now a regular at Turkish nightclubs.

By the end of 2021, she had signed a deal with Prometheus, based in Dnepropetrovsk. Her first game for the club was on December 17 versus Dnepr “Atlanta” in the Ukrainian league (3:1).

The national squad led the Yulia Gerasimova and just took home the Euro league trophy. You can see that Yuliya has been to various interesting places from her own Instagram feed, including Paris, Cappadocia, and Bali.

Yulia Gerasimova

Ukrainian ladies are known for more than just their sassy on-the-field attitude. Gerasimova, a middle blocker for Ankara’s Turkish Karayollari, represents the national team. The 33-year-old from Odessa posts largely match images to her social media accounts, but to no avail. A thin girl with an honest blue smile is attractive.

Yulia Gerasimova Instragram:

Under the handle @krosha9, Yuliya Gerasimova posts photos and videos to Instagram. Whether or not she is the real person behind the profile, the details available appear doubtful.

She uploaded an Instagram photo that held her professional and personal life. Also, it seems from her profile that she is keen on exploring the world.

Yulia Gerasimova Facts:

  • From Odessa, this 32-year-old volleyball player has played the game for 16 years.
  • Professional volleyball player Yulia Gerasimova is a Ukraine world cup squad member. The competitor began her career in athletics while still a student. Gerasimova’s position on the team is that of a middle blocker.
  • B She participated in the semifinals of the European Challenge Cup (2014/15) while with the Yuzhnensky Chemist, with whom she won the national title five times. After spending a season with Zaporizhzhya Orbit, she moved on to play for Turkish clubs.
  • A year later, in 2021, she went to Dnepropetrovsk and got to work for Prometheus.
  • She led her national side to the 2017 Euro league title. This year, Yulia Gerasimova is competing in not one, not two, but three European Games.

Is Yuliya Gerasimova Married? Who is Her Husband?

Yuliya Gerasimova married her long-time boyfriend, Denis Parvadov. Both are already friends since 2014. They made their ceremony according to religious tenets.

Trainer Denis Parvadov. Images of Julia and her hubby populate her Instagram feed. Because it looks like they’ve found a good balance between work and play.

Overview of Yulia Gerasimova’s Achievements

Yulia Gerasimova is an expert volleyball player from Ukraine. She danced during a break when Russia and Ukraine were playing. @todjalievsson has posted a video to her profile that has been watched more than 13 million times and gotten 418.9k likes. Still, more people are watching this video.

Yulia Gerasimova

Nobody can reject that Yulia went viral in only one day by being herself. Although, you’ll find it difficult to stop laughing after watching the video. She is funny and interesting. In addition to this viral video, she has won the National Championship five times in a row. Yulia also won medals in the crustal Problem Cup semi-finals in 2014 and 2015.

She is popular because of how charming and energetic she is. She has won over the hearts of billions of people worldwide. At least 3 million people have seen the clip on XSPORT’s YouTube channel, and many more have watched it on TikTok and other YouTube videos.

Yuliya Gerasimova Net Worth

She has a net worth of about USD 5 million. On average, she gets $10,000 per sponsor. Karayollari SK is her club right now. Position: In the middle. Most of her money comes from brands that she works with her. He has been able to do this because of how pretty she is, how well she plays, and how interesting her expressions are. No one knows how much money she has right now. She lives in a big house now, but the address is unknown.

Yuliya Gerasimova Hobbies

Volleyball is her favorite sport, and she plays it regularly. She also loves animals. Her go-to travel destination is always going to be Paris. Her favorite things to perform include swimming, working out, taking photos, listening to music, and going on adventures.

Yulia Gerasimova age in volleyball player

Yulia Gerasimova’s birth date is currently not shown, so no one knows how old she is. Some sources said that in 2022, she is still 32 years old.

Yulia is new and wears a smile that comes out of nowhere. Also, Yulia’s Wikipedia page has neither a bio nor a name, but she has become very popular after her recent video.


Universe volleyball star Yuliya Gerasimova. Her most famous videos are Funny Memories of the One Biggest Hits in 2022. People are always surprised by how much money she has, estimated at around 5 Million Dollars. In 2009, she began her journey in sports.

He has a lot of knowledge and a good name, which is clear. She has done an excellent job of keeping her talent and fantastic playing skills. She is well-known among kids.

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